Sonic Highways- Foo Fighters (2014)


Wanna hear something awesome? Sorry but this isn’t that kind of album. Foo Fighters give us something that is very different in making an album. While making Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters went to eight different cities to a recording studio to record each of the tracks on this album. Each track has a famous musician featured in it that are not the Foo Fighters. I would say doing this is both admirable and also imperfect. Dave Grohl wanted to push the band in a new direction for this album and it just did not work for them. But hey, everyone can try a little something different. I just feel like Foo Fighters lost something here. The last six albums they made were all awesome. For me, this is very disappointing because I am a huge Foo fan.

The direction the Foo Fighters took is what keeps this album from being an essential record to listen to. I think because the Foo Fighters have such a strong discography, people are upset that there wasn’t an “Everlong” on the record. The Foo Fighters were just eager to try this out. Hopefully next album Dave switches up his game plan back to the way the previous six albums were made. Dave Grohl is the fucking man and can do whatever he wants. Bad reviews on this album will not change a thing about the Foo Fighters. They will still be a very influential and epic band of our time. They are currently one of the most popular rock and roll bands that are out there. They can take a little criticism.

Overall, Sonic Highways is not your go to album to listen to. It has its moments but for the most  part is very disappointing.

Essential Tracks: “Feast and the Famine,”  “I Am A River”

Grade= C (Okay)


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