Birdman (2014)

Wanna watch a flick that both makes you laugh and is awesome at the same time? Birdman is the movie for you! Riggan Thomson (Michael Keton) was once the actor that you looked for in a movie. Whenever you heard his name you knew him. He was so popular from playing a superhero character in a movie by the name of “Birdman.” His fan base was huge and people knew him from all over. This “Birdman” movie was big all over and everyone loved it. Birdman takes place quite some time in the future and things are different for Riggan. He plans on making a comeback with his play on Broadway that he directs and also stars in. Riggan Thomsan thinks this play will put him back on the map and his career will skyrocket from here. Riggan has a voice in his head that continuously talks to him throughout the film that makes him do certain things that he normally wouldn’t.

As the movie opens, we first see Riggan elevating with a voice in his head talking to him. During one of the last rehearsals for his play something goes wrong with one of the actors playing a leading role. This leaves Riggan to have to quick find a replacement. He finds Mike Shiner (Edward Norton) who is outstanding in this role. Keaton and Norton had top- notch performances in Birdman. There is no shock as to why both of them are up for an Oscar this year. The two of them were just superb in this and they were just downright enjoyable to watch the whole time. Riggan hires his daughter Sam, (Emma Stone) who is an ex junkie and fresh out of rehab to be his personal assistant. Stone gives us an outstanding performance with this. Some of the best scenes of the movie are when Sam and Mike are on the roof of the the theatre together.

Riggan Thomson wants his ego back. He is either a has- been or a nobody in the world right now. He feels that this one play can make this happen for him. Keaton was given wings of “Birdman” and it makes this film irresistible. He had me laughing the whole movie. Keaton just takes us on a wild joyride of trying to retrieve his former ego.

Birdman is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. He is an excellent director of our time and this is one of his top movies he’s made. The directing in this is phenomenal! Before I heard about all the Oscar buzz Birdman was getting, I had little interest in it. Boy was I wrong! Iñárritu decides to throw us a little something different than we are used to. His film’s pretty much consist of you just feeling bad and depressed about things. Iñárritu gives us something exciting that makes you root for Thomson throughout the film. The fact that he gave us a little change in the way he directed this film is a great change of pace for the audience. He gave us all something that is excellent and hysterical. I heard that Birdman was made differently and I think that is what made me hop on the bandwagon for it.

Overall, Birdman had a terrific cast and the direction of the film was superb. I definitely think that Birdman is an all around fun and hysterical movie. Definitely something I look forward to watching again!

Grade= A- (Awesome!)



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