Bon Jovi Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center

Man do I wish I was “Wanted Dead or Alive” before seeing this concert. Bon Jovi came to Philadelphia on November 5, 2013. My mother and I decided to go. I thought this was going to be a fun concert considering all the big songs they have. Boy was I wrong. Bon Jovi not only bored me to death, it just seemed like there was no effort in the band showing that they can be awesome. Original guitarist, Richie Sambora wasn’t even touring with the band because of personal reasons. That’s a big problem right there. I know you obviously couldn’t do a Bon Jovi concert without Jon Bon Jovi, but in my opinion, Richie is the best part about that band.

The setlist for the show was pretty unbelievable (not in a good way). I was very disappointed that he chose to play all new songs and not much of his older stuff. The way he took a turn with his new music is horrible. Of course I heard “Livin On A Prayer,” but really, how many times can you listen to that song. It really gets on your nerves after a while. The way the set started was pretty good he came out and played his better old stuff like, “You Give Love A Bad Name.” Jon told the audience that this was going to be a night to remember. I try everyday to forget about that night. Who the hell wants to go be bored at a concert. They are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Bon Jovi fell way short of making this even somewhat enjoyable for me.

The ticket pricing for this concert were low. I only paid around $25 per ticket for awesome lower level seats. The reason for the low ticket prices were because of Richie not being in the band. We were right next to the stage and I’m sure Jon was able to see me giving him the middle finger the whole time. Not to mention all the middle-aged heavy-set women wearing shirts that were a little too tight in my opinion. I can go on all day about how angry this concert made me, but I am just going to stop.

Overall, Bon Jovi left me saying, “That sucked.” I do not think one should waste their time with seeing them in the future.

Concert Rating: 3/10 (Skip this one)


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