Coldplay- Ghost Stories (2014)

Wanna cry your eyes out? Here’s an album that is very moody and depressing to listen to. Ghost Stories is the sixth studio album that we hear from Coldplay. While a lot of Coldplay’s songs may be a little moody, Ghost Stories gives us something that is just downright depressing. Reason for this is because Chris Martin and his longtime wife, Gwyneth Paltrow divorced. This really affected Chris in a way and that is why we hear the songs we do off Ghost Stories. There were five singles that came off of Ghost Stories. They were, “Magic,” “A Sky Full Of Stars,” “True Love,” “Ink,” and “Midnight.” “A Sky Full Of Stars” is really the only song off the album that would have the audience very excited to hear if you were seeing them in concert. Coldplay’s sound has become much bigger as they make each album. All of their previous six albums were very successful. Coldplay is a band that has increased its crowds and its sound over the last decade. Ghost Stories reminded me a lot of their first album, Parachutes. A lot of similar, moody songs.

Ghost Stories is something you should listen to only if you are kind of in a depressed mood. In that case, you will think that album is awesome. If you listen to this when you are in a happy mode, after a couple songs you will be very depressed. I myself am a big Coldplay fan and it was hard to hear this album. I do think the album was good and I did enjoy listening to it. It was just a little too moody for my liking. When I want to listen to Coldplay, I want to listen to something that makes me feel excited and happy. If Coldplay didn’t already release “Fix You,” Ghost Stories would be the album that would have that on it because it has songs like that and more depressing.

Ghost Stories is not your go to album to listen to. You will feel very bad for Chris after you give this one a listen. The album is not very long but as I keep saying, it is very depressing.

Overall, Ghost Stories gives us something to hopefully look forward to in the future with the seventh album from Coldplay (which they are already working on) now that Chris let everyone know how he was feeling about the divorce. I do think this is worth giving a listen to, but it is a lot different then the past few albums we are used to.

Essential Tracks: “A Sky Full Of Stars,” “Magic”

Grade= B (Good)


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