Interstellar (2014)

Alright, this took a lot of time to think about. This movie is a lot to digest. After seeing Inception, you know that Christopher Nolan is the only one who could ever direct a film like this. The way the film starts off is that you learn planet Earth is not what it once was. Everything has changed in a way. Every few hours there are wind storms with dirt everywhere and it becomes a normal everyday occurrence for the people on earth. Earth is slowly deteriorating. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) was a former Astronaut who is now a farmer. Cooper and his daughter Murph are driving one night and find a place that was supposed to be hidden from the rest of the world. When they find this place, Cooper is asked to be sent out on a very tough task, to find whether there is another place that humans can live on. Now time is very different in space. What may seem like a few short years to Cooper and his crew, may be twenty years on earth.

Well, Christopher Nolan throws us another movie that is just insane. Christopher Nolan is well known for his intellectual storytelling of movies. Look at everything he has directed thus far. Interstellar is a movie that has a lot of great things about it. Having said that, there are a lot of problems with Interstellar as well. It seems as if Nolan hits kind of a dead-end with the way he is going with this movie. The best thing about this movie is that it’s awesome to watch on the big screen, especially the scenes when they are in space. Anytime I hear Christopher Nolan is directing a movie I get very excited and can’t wait to go see it. This movie was just disappointing in most ways.

Nolan did what he had to do to make you admire how great everything looks while you are watching this, but he still falls short of this being a great movie. I thought the movie was very well acted. The casting was great and McConaughey showed his true acting self in this. He makes you feel as if you are someone on earth rooting for him to succeed and find us a new place that we can all live.

Even after all the problems that Interstellar has, it is still somewhat of an awesome movie. I am just saying it makes me upset to see that this is a movie directed by one of my favorite directors out there and this was the turn out. This is definitely a movie you have to watch on a big screen. if you have a small screen, forget about it! You will absolutely not enjoy this movie if you watch it on a little screen.

Overall, Interstellar does have one too many problems, but in the end it still does make you say, “WOW.” As does every Christopher Nolan movie.

Grade= C (Okay)



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