Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More (2009)

Ever heard of a banjo? Me neither. At least not before Mumford & Sons. Here’s an album that makes you fall in love with the banjo. Sigh No More is the debut album for Mumford & Sons. Mumford & Sons are an indie folk band that are London-based. Everyone fell in love with this album after the radio played it. A big thanks to Radio 104.5 in Philadelphia for making them huge here. First off, the band name comes straight from lead vocalist, Marcus Mumford. Sigh No More gives us a different way of hearing music that made me very happy.

Sigh No More definitely has its hit singles, having released four of them. These singles were, “Little Lion Man,” “Winter Winds,” “The Cave,” and “Roll Away Your Stone.” While these singles are the big hits off of the album, Sigh No More gives us eight other songs besides the four singles that are just as good, if not better than the four hits. This album is filled with many songs that make you want to sing and play air banjo. The album did take some time getting used to. At first, I did not love it because of the kind of celtic sound it gives off. At the time I wasn’t a very big fan of Irish music and it took some time for me to adjust to the album.

The Banjo is a huge part of this album. Every song has the banjo featured in it and its an awesome sound to hear. Having the banjo in their songs makes them different from almost anyone in their indie genre today because it is very rare to hear it. The banjo is what they are now known for. I cannot hear a banjo and not immediately think of Mumford & Sons.

This album gives you a very enjoyable listen, especially if you are sitting around with some friends having a few drinks. Sigh No More is a perfect debut album that you want to see in a band. Marcus whipped up something special for us all.

Overall, Sigh No More is an album that is just all around enjoyable. After hearing this I knew to look out for this band because there will be great things to come!

Essential Tracks: “The Cave,” “Little Lion Man,” “White Blank Page,” and “Roll Away Your Stone.”

Grade= B+ (Very Good!)



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