Pearl Jam Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center

Veteran Seattle rockers Pearl Jam returned to Philadelphia for two nights in late October of 2013. The dates were October 21 and 22. I had the pleasure of attending both nights. When Pearl Jam comes I like to do this because every show has a different setlist with them. Nothing is ever set in stone. You have no idea what to expect with the set. Lead vocalist, Eddie Vedder usually writes a set before each show, but the band likes to change it as they go along with the show. Seeing Pearl Jam is something truly awesome. If you are a fan you know exactly what I’m talking about. They do not disappoint with any show. They rock hard and play for over 3 hours each time they are out there. There was no opening act for Pearl Jam. They came on around 9 P.M. each night and didn’t finish until 12 or a little after.

Pearl Jam came out and started each show with a couple of songs from their latest album, Lightning Bolt. That was the point for the tour. It was called their “Lightning Bolt World Tour.” All five members of Pearl Jam came out to play what was two unforgettable nights. The whole crowd was singing and dancing along to all the songs. They played some stuff you wouldn’t expect to hear, which was awesome and when they played the big songs, like “Alive,” the whole place went nuts. You don’t even have to be a fan of Pearl Jam to understand how awesome their shows are.

Pearl Jam is a band where they can mix up the setlist every night and play some things that the audience isn’t used to. They don’t have anything else to prove. They don’t feel the need to go out there every night and just play the hits. They save that for the festivals because festivals drawl a lot of mainstream fans. They go out there and just do their thing every night and it works.

Pearl Jam went on to play two encores each night. Each with about fiver or six songs in them. During the second show, once we thought Pearl Jam was finished for the evening, they stayed out there and played two incredible songs. One being a cover of The WHO’s, “Baba O’Riley,” and also finishing their set with a nice night-cap of  “Yellow Ledbetter.” This was a perfect way to finish off the two nights and say a nice thank you to Philadelphia for two consecutive sold out nights.

Overall, Pearl Jam concerts are something awesome that everyone should checkout at some point in their life if you have not done so already. They are a band who goes out and plays the way they want and everyone loves it. Never a disappointment when seeing these guys.

Concert Rating: 9/10 (Must attend!)



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