The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

I need to throw all my future plans in life out the window and work in a hotel! The Grand Budapest Hotel takes place in the late 1960’s. A young writer is staying at this crappy, rundown hotel. While staying at The Grand Budapest Hotel, this young writer meets a very rich man named Zero Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham). Moustafa knows a lot about this hotel that he wants to share with the writer that not many people know about. The writer and Moustafa agree to have dinner that night so Moustafa can explain the story of how he got to be where he is because of the hotel. The story goes back to over 30 years ago. Young Zero (Tony Revolori) was hired as the lobby boy at the hotel. He then eventually became almost like an assistant to the concierge man, Gustave (Ralph Fiennes). Gustave is a man who treats his guests very well. Probably more well than she should if you understand what I mean. Gustave was so good to one guest, Madame D. (Tilda Swinton). When she passes away she leaves him something in her will that is very important. Madame D’s son Dmitri (Adrien Brody) does not want Gustave to have this item.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a movie that is funny, adventurous, and shocking in some ways. This is also a movie that will definitely charm you in a way. The Grand Budapest Hotel was directed by Wes Anderson. Anderson is a director who loves to take on movies like this. All of his movies are funny and exciting. Wes took us on another one of his interesting rides. He was the best man for the job on this one and he may even win the Oscar for Best Director. If you are a fan of Wes Anderson, this is definitely the right movie for you. There is no question that this is one of the best movies of the year.

The casting in this was great. Ralph Fiennes was absolutely hysterical and spot on. There are a lot of big name actors playing very little roles in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Appearances by Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Tilda Swinton. The scenes that had some of these stars in them were the rather funny ones. Gustave and Zero definitely make a memorable duo in Wes Anderson’s adaptation. The two of them have many adventures they go on during the film. At one point Gustave ends up being thrown in prison and Zero helps him figure out a prison break. The whole time Gustave is in prison is absolutely hysterical.

The Grand Budapest Hotel leaves you with a lot of heart, but still has that ridiculous comedy in it. I would definitely say The Grand Budapest Hotel is now my second favorite Wes Anderson flick, behind The Royal Tenenbaums. 

Overall, The Grand Budapest Hotel shows us a delightful and hysterical story. I absolutely recommend checking this one out.

Grade= B (Good)


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