Counting Crows- August And Everything After (1993)

Here’s an album that has been around for almost 22 years that is one of my favorite albums ever. August And Everything After was the debut album for the Counting Crows. This album has some major hits that are still loved today. The legacy of the Counting Crows is based largely on this record. A lot of people stopped following them after they put out their next few albums. All the fans still love this album though. It was in the top 10 best albums of the 90’s. Everyone thought that the Counting Crows were awesome when they released this album. Every song is great and they are fun to sing. In particular, “Mr. Jones.” I don’t know many people who do not like that song.

The early 90’s was a time of mostly Grunge rock. The Counting Crows are a band that steered away from this aiming for an alternative and folk sound. While Nirvana and Pearl Jam were putting out their Grunge albums, the Counting Crows wanted to play music that was a little something different and everybody liked it. They were different from all those bands. Even big time bands of the 70’s and 80’s did notice that the Counting Crows had a great amount of talent. Bruce Springsteen was a big fan of them when they released this album.

August And Everything After has a lot emotion that comes with it. Songs like, “Round Here” are a perfect example of en emotional rock/folk song. Then there are songs like, “Mr. Jones” that have lyrics about how he will never be lonely due to fame and success.

Overall, August And Everything After is an album that I very much admire and love to listen to. It’s an album that is perfect to be played on any occasion and is great for driving. I highly recommend giving this one a listen.

Essential Tracks: “Round Here,” “Rain King,” “Mr. Jones,” “Omaha”

Grade= A (Excellent!)


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