Dumb and Dumber To (2014)

This is exactly what I was afraid of. Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) still remain best friends. This takes place almost twenty years after the first one. We find Lloyd in a rehabilitation center. He has not spoken a word in twenty years. Of course Harry comes to visit every week. Lloyd fell deep into a state of depression that caused him to end up here. The only reason Lloyd was doing this was to play a joke on Harry. We then find out that Harry needs a liver transplant or else he will die. Lloyd and Harry are now together once again in their crappy, rundown, same old apartment they’ve always lived in. Harry finds a letter that he received twenty years ago letting him know that he has a daughter. So Lloyd and Harry go out on this quest to meet his daughter.

As I said when I started this review, this is exactly what I was afraid of. This Dumb and Dumber To sequel is a complete and utter disgrace. There was just nothing funny about this movie. I can count the number of times I chuckled, which was not much. The first movie is a comedic masterpiece that should have been left alone. There was no reason for this sequel to be made. Daniels and Carrey did not even come off as the least bit funny. The film was directed by the Farrelly brothers. They usually hit home when it comes to their movies, but Dumb And Dumber To was something that made me almost walk out of the theatre.

The jokes that we were given in this were heavily relied on the first one and it just did not work. Nothing those two did in this movie were funny. There were a lot of stupid and pointless scenes that were shown. In particular, there was a scene with both of them on the phone and Jim Carrey insists it’s his dead father on the phone. That was one of the scenes that annoyed me the most. This was a disgrace of a movie and I am sorry I saw it. I definitely think that everyone should skip this one. If you are a huge fan of the first one like me, this is very aggravating and disappointing to you. Nothing about this movie was good. I cannot even say it had moments because when it did it just completely got unfunny again very quickly.

Dumb And Dumber To was a highly anticipated movie by anyone who had ever seen the first one. I myself could not wait to see this but I did always have a bad feeling that this was not going to be a very good movie. And I was unfortunately right.

Overall, Dumb And Dumber To is a movie that you should know before watching it that it is a god awful movie that never fails to make you bored. I actually have to say that movie sucked.

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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