Radio 104.5 Winter Jam Philadelphia, PA Xfinity Live

Here’s a show that was free that I was looking forward to go to since they announced the lineup. Every year towards the end of January, Radio 104.5 has a free outdoor concert, Winter Jam. This year the lineup was pretty good. Andrew Mcmahon came on first, followed by Walk The Moon, Cold War Kids, and headlining was The Gaslight Anthem. Winter Jam was held this past Saturday at Xfinity Live in South Philadelphia. It was freezing out, but that didn’t stop fans from coming out to this event. Each band was able to play for an hour. Everything started around 12 and didn’t end until almost 5:30. This was definitely a long day of music, annoyance, and freezing your ass off.

I was not happy when Andrew Mcmahon came on. I am not one who is a huge fan of him and I think 104.5 could have gotten someone a little better to play, but that’s out of my control. The sound quality was terrible. I understand that when you are at an outdoor concert, the sound quality is never 100%, but they should have done something about this. I did not know many of the songs he played, but after hearing them I am still not looking to learn them.

The next band was Walk The Moon. This is a band I have liked since they started a few years back. I thought the sound would be different for each band, but the sound quality was still terrible. I could not enjoy the music because everything just kept going in and out. You also could barely hear the lead singer. The setlist was pretty good, but I need to see them indoors next time.

Cold War Kids came on third and they were probably the worst there. This was out of their control because the sound was so terrible. They played an hour set and I couldn’t even enjoy them because of the sound quality. You could tell everyone was starting to get angry about this. Even though this is a free event, a concert can’t have bad sound quality. Someone who was working with Cold War Kids was arguing with the sound people because they couldn’t figure it out.

Finally, The Gaslight Anthem came on. This is the reason I waited out in the cold all those hours. They are an awesome band who are incredible live. They came on and opened up with “The 59 Sound.” This is a song that has been out for quite a few years. I was happy to hear that stuff, but they did play a lot off of their newest album, Get Hurt. The Gaslight Anthem is a band that gives off a really good sound. All of their songs are well written and the instrumentals are great. They too had the same problem up there. That sound would not stay clear for them.

If Winter Jam is at Xfinity Live next year, I do not think I am going to attend. Not because of the cold, but I don’t feel like going to a show that I want to see and I can barely hear it. 104.5 needs to make serious adjustments for next year. It was also in a weird place. They should not have had Winter Jam at Xfinity Live. The event is now a ticketed event. In the previous years it was never a ticketed event and you could come and go as you please. They need to bring that back and find a place big enough for everyone to come.

Overall, the Radio 104.5 Winter Jam was supposed to be a fun day. I love 3/4 bands that were there and I did not leave impressed. The sound was just too unbearable.

Concert Rating: 4/10 (Skip this one!)


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