Selma (2014)

Here is a movie that was bound to come out at sometime. In 1965, the South had a lot of racial problems going on. Blacks were legally allowed to vote, but white people would try to find ways that would make them unable to vote. Blacks started to get very upset with this because they were not able to have their voices heard like any other citizen. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo) decided to step up and try to do something about this. Dr. King decides to go to Selma, Alabama to do something that would get the whole country’s attention. Dr. King really wanted to get the attention of President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson). The blacks wanted President Johnson to change the voting process so they were allowed to vote for who they wanted as President. Johnson was not going to stand for this. He tries to everything he can to not allow this march from happening.

Selma is not a movie that tells the story of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. It’s more about the story of what the people and him had to do in order to get the blacks their voting rights and able to be heard. The movie starts with a woman named Annie Lee Cooper, (Oprah Winfrey) going to place her vote and the worker at the booth gives her a very hard time and makes her recite the Preamble of the Constitution. He starts asking questions about the amount of county judges that are in Alabama and expects her to be able to name them. Sure enough he rejected her from being able to vote.

The casting of Selma was very good. David Oyelowo was great as Martin Luther King Jr. and Tom Wilkinson gave an outstanding performance as President Lyndon B. Johnson. Before watching Selma, know that there are frequent uses of the n word if that is something that offends you to be heard.

Selma is a movie that has a lot of brutal scenes during the first march to Montgomery. A second march was then held a few days later and is now known as, “Turn Around Tuesday.” Dr. King led this march and didn’t like the way things were looking so he decided to turn around and everybody walked back. The story of Selma is really that it is a story of voice.

Overall, Selma is a very good movie that is aimed to inspire viewers out there. I don’t think it’s a movie you need to rush to see, but I would definitely check it out sometime.

Grade= B (Good)


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