The Interview (2014)

Here’s a film that almost got the United States attacked! The Interview had release date plans for Christmas day and Sony decided to pull the movie because of threats that North Korea made. They then later released the movie Online and in select theaters around the country. Dave Skylark (James Franco) plays a host for an entertainment talk- show. Dave’s show consists of him getting famous people to reveal secrets about their life that no one knows about. Aaron Rapoport, (Seth Rogen) is the producer of the show and also long time friend of Skylark. After seeing someone who Aaron went to college with, he feels that the show needs to start getting a little more serious. Skylark finds out that North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong- un (Randall Park) is a big fan of the show. Dave and Rapoport decide to set up an interview in North Korea with him. The CIA becomes involved with this and need Skylark’s help to assassinate Kim Jong- un. There is a lot of things that can go wrong with this and you will see as you watch the movie.

This was directed by Even Goldberg and Seth Rogen. The Interview is another typical Seth Rogen movie. A lot of insanely funny jokes that make you laugh for more than a couple of seconds. It was just over the top funny. Rogen and Franco were perfect together. Those two are beginning to become my favorite duo in movies. Everything they do together is absolutely hysterical. From Pineapple Express to This Is The End. The Interview kept me laughing just as much as those two. Seth Rogen is a comedic genius who was on point with this movie.

This is a very memorable comedy that is definitely worth seeing. Randall Park was great as playing the Supreme Leader of North Korea. There is a whole other side to Kim Jong- un that no one knows about. He is this huge fan of Skylark- Tonight, Dave’s talk show who is very feminine. Dave and Kim become best buddies before Dave conducts his interview.

The Interview is not a dangerous comedy by any means. That whole thing was ridiculous that North Korea would be that angry about the movie. If I lived in North Korea it probably would have made me laugh. I wouldn’t want to send a nuclear missile to the United States because they made a movie making fun of me.

Overall, The Interview is a movie that provides you with many laughs and funny quotes. A lot of funny references to things are in this movie and once again, Seth Rogen and James Franco are awesome together.

Grade= B (Good)


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