The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death (2015)

Wanna get scared? This may do the trick! The movie starts in London in the year of 1941, where all people who live in London are scared of bombings from the Germans. We meet Eve Perkins, (Phoebe Fox) a schoolteacher and headmistress Jean Hogg (Helen McCrory). Eve and Jean need to evacuate a group of the young students to the countryside where they’ll be safe from all the bombings. Although, the place where they would be “safe” is the haunted house from the first movie. Things start to get worse when living there each day, from horrifying dreams, to hallucinating walks through the house.

The Woman In Black 2 is a movie that came out because the first one did very well and it scared us all. That is essentially the job that the second one goes after. This is a movie that did its job to scare you, but there was nothing else good about this movie. While having your occasional jumpy scenes, The Woman In Black 2 shows no signs of it even being a somewhat remotely good movie. The plot was not interesting in the slightest bit and I found myself to just be bored with it. If you are someone who just see’s horror films for the easy scare and cares nothing about the plot, then you will love this.

This movie does not compete with the first one. I thought the scares in the first one were a little more creative. This one still did scare the hell out of me though. I think what it really comes down to is that I miss having Harry Potter in the movie. Most of the jumping scenes were just too predictable and repetitive. What is different from the original to this, is that the original had scenes without always having to include the loud soundtrack to make it scary. Everything about the first one was horrifying. The first one is one of my favorite horror movies. Unfortunately, I can’t say that about this one. I hope that if there is a third Woman In Black, it is done with a little more style.

Overall, The Woman In Black 2 is a movie that gives you a bunch of jumpy scary scenes with little to no effort to make you fully enjoy the movie. This is a good movie to watch with some friends if you are all in for a good scare that will make you laugh after everyone screams, “Oh Shit!”

Grade= D (Bad)



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