Aerosmith Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center

Looking for a rock and roll show to go to with a band who are still “Livin On The Edge?” Hers’s a show that you might want to check out. Classic rock icons and the “Bad Boys Of Boston” returned to Philadelphia on July 21, 2012 for an incredible two-hour event. It was a Saturday night and the parking lots were full of drunk morons tailgating that were continuously yelling, “Dream On!” “Dream On ” is a very popular song that Aerosmith has and these drunk idiots were yelling it for an hour before the doors were even open to go inside the arena. At that point I was hoping they wouldn’t even play that song. Cheap Trick was the opening act for Aerosmith. I was excited to see Cheap Trick, but they came on and were just not good. I was not intrigued by their performance. Usually when Aerosmith comes around they get some good opening acts, but all Cheap Trick was able to do was disappoint the audience. The tour was called “The Global Warming World Tour.” This was kind of a reunion for Aerosmith, considering all the problems they were going through.

Before the start of the tour, Aerosmith was going through lot of problems. Lead vocalist, Stephen Tyler was finding himself in and out of rehab again. Once he got clean, Aerosmith was ready to go back out and hit the road. However, Tyler told the band at last-minute that he was going to be judging American Idol and would not be able to tour with them. This made the rest of the band very angry and they were actually talking to different singers about possibly replacing Tyler. After Stephen did his season of American Idol he stepped down and said he needs to devote his time to his first true love, Aerosmith.

Tyler and guitarist, Joe Perry made a grand entrance by being raised up from a trap door that was on the catwalk. This was the definition of a rock and roll show. Aerosmith coming out and giving us an awesome show was one of the highlights of my summer. I’ve always had a great liking for Aerosmith and after seeing this show, I understood why I liked them so much. They were absolutely awesome and when they were playing it was so god damn loud. That is exactly the way I wanted it to be.

The band may still have their problems, but they do a great job of putting them aside and continue to do the one thing they do best: rocking hard as shit!

Overall, Aerosmith gave us a show that you knew all the songs and one that just rocked. They are a band that you should check it out if they are ever in your area.

Concert Rating: 8/10 (Very good!)


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