Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Here’s a movie that’s been out for a while that’s awesome! An alien race has hit the earth! Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat in his life. Cage gets sent out to a war between the humans on earth and the aliens, who are known as “Mimics”. Cage has no idea how to handle himself out there. He is almost in what looks to be a suicide situation. He is battling a “Mimic” and dies, but then is suddenly alive and back where he was dropped off for combat. This is very bizarre and unbelievable to Cage. When he wakes up he knows he has been here before and when he tries to explain this to people, no one will listen. This is now getting repetitive with him waking up in the battle field, being sent out, and then being killed again. After a few times of this happening, a soldier by the name of Rita Vratasky (Emily Blunt) tells Cage to come and see her when he wakes up. So right after Cage is killed again, he goes to meet Rita and they try to come up with a plan to find the source where all the aliens are coming from. Each repeating day gets them one step closer to defeating the aliens.

Edge of Tomorrow is a movie that reminds you of Groundhog Day in a sense, but captures much more than that. This is a sci-fi movie that really captures your attention and makes you feel like this is really happening. The premise of this movie can sound a little ridiculous, but Edge of Tomorrow does not leave you thinking that way as you are watching it. This is definitely a fun action packed thrill ride that keeps you hanging on the whole time.

Each time Cage wakes up from dying, he survives a little longer, but every day it’s the same routine, where he has to convince Rita to do this because it’s as if she has no idea who he is every time he wakes up. Cruise gave a powerhouse performance with his role as Major Cage. Blunt was spot on with Rita and the two of them together were awesome. I think this is a movie that will make everyone happy about Tom Cruise. The man has not had an excellent role since Magnolia.

Edge of Tomorrow was definitely the summer movie that everyone was looking for. This was well made, loud, and undeniably a lot of fun. Definitely a movie that attracts multiple viewings. I can’t wait for the DVD or the Netflix release, so I can give this one another look.

Overall, Edge of Tomorrow supplies you with almost two hours of fun and keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. I definitely think this is one you should check out!

Grade= B (Good)


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