Still Alice (2014)

Dr. Alice Howland, (Julianne Moore) is a 50- year old woman who teaches at Columbia University. Alice has a husband named John (Alec Baldwin) and three grown children. One day Alice wakes up and goes about her normal, everyday routine and she forgets something. She starts to forget things that she should know because they are a part of her everyday schedule. There wasn’t too many things she starting feeling forgetful of, but she doesn’t want to risk anything so she goes to see a doctor. The doctor doesn’t like the sounds of the symptoms she is having so he has her take a test. A week goes by and she receives the results and it turns out she has been diagnosed with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. This was devastating news to her and her family. Everyone took this news like you would expect. They now realize they need to take advantage of every remaining moment where their mother is in the right frame of mind before she starts getting forgetful of who they all are.

Still Alice is a movie that sends a message that no matter how good things are going in life, something bad can happen at any given moment. Anyone who knows someone with Alzheimer’s disease can appreciate that this movie has sincere intentions. This is a very depressing movie for everyone. What made this movie great is Julianne Moore. Moore gave the performance of her career as Alice. There is no doubt in my mind that she will win the Oscar. She conquered the role of fighting Alzheimer’s which is a slow eraser in most cases. Moore showed that she can play any role.

Director, Richard Glatzer has not directed many things before, but I am hoping he continues to make great films. Still Alice is a film that you can leave saying that was well-directed, well acted, and a beautifully realized story. This is absolutely a film that leaves you depressed, so just make sure you know that going into it. It’s a film that is constantly devastating because it makes you look at your own mother and hope that nothing like this can ever happen.

Still Alice gives us a lot of humanity and heartbreak, but was still one of the best films that was released this past year. Go into this with an attitude of this being a great movie, not a movie that makes you want to cry your eyes out.

Overall, Still Alice tells a story of heartbreak and happiness for all the time she was able to be with her family, thinking straight. I definitely recommend giving this one a look.

Grade= B+ (Very good!)


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