The Boy Next Door (2015)

I can’t wait until I have a female version of this next door. Hey Joe, I think it’s time to move out! High school English teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) is going through a really tough time with her home life. Her husband (John Corbett) has been having an affair and she decides it’s time for a divorce. Her son is also going through a weird phase in his life. He can’t seem to find what he’s good at in life. Claire is looking for something new in her life. She is now in luck because 19- year old Noah (Ryan Guzman) has just moved in next door. After a night of a lot of drinking, Claire finds her way over to Noah’s house and they “get a little jiggy wit it.” Claire wakes up the next morning and immediately regrets the decision she made from the night before. Noah cannot handle this rejection and he becomes very angered by this. Noah decides to go after Claire, her family, and her job. The threats start out small, but eventually start to become very life endangering.

The Boy Next Door is honestly a piece of garbage. Nothing about this movie was good. I was laughing at how over the top and ridiculous this was. None of the acting was believable. Jennifer Lopez has been in quite a few movies and she was very disappointing in this one. I can’t say this was a waste of an hour and a half, only because I couldn’t stop laughing. This movie is very wild and unbelievable in every aspect. All I was able to do was shake my head.

It’s a real shame they weren’t aiming for a comedy because this would have been awesome if it was a comedy. Everything about this movie was insane. Simply put, The Boy Next Door is a  thriller that didn’t have any thrills. I kept waiting for them, but left disappointed in the end. If this is a movie you are thinking about watching, just know going into it that you can’t take it serious, you will just leave mad.

The Boy Next Door is a movie that is perfect for coming out in January when all the crappy movies come out. We have nothing to look forward to until March when they start to make a comeback. This is a movie that was badly directed and just showed some of the most unconvincing acting I’ve ever seen from a movie.

Overall, The Boy Next Door is a movie that you don’t have to watch. Take my word for it!

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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