The Departed (2006)

Wanna watch another Scorsese masterpiece? Here’s one that came out a while back that you might like. We meet Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio),  an undercover cop, who is assigned to infiltrate the Irish mafia. Kingpin, Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) is starting to gain a lot of trust in Billy. While all that is going on, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), a former criminal who has worked with Costello for a long time is slowly rising up in the police department. Billy and Colin both have a double life. They are gathering information about the plans and counter – plans of the operations. It starts to become clear that there is a mole for Costello and the police. Billy and Colin are suddenly in danger of being caught.

The Departed is just another awesome Scorsese movie. He will always be great at directing. I thought this was one of his top movies. The script was excellent, the acting was superb, and the story line was just amazing. Scorsese never fails to lose the audience’s attention. You are always interested in what is going on. He does so well with what he does. Scorsese won the Oscar for best director. This was well deserved and an obvious win.

The cast in this movie is unbelievable. There are so many big names that are in this movie. Mark Wahlberg was nominated for an Oscar. He stole every scene he was in and just gave an awesome performance for everyone to watch. Alec Baldwin was also a small role, but he was awesome as well. This is what made the movie so good. When you have a collection of great actors, the movie just seems so interesting to you. I was not disappointed with anything about this movie.

The Departed is the movie that you want to see. It’s entertaining, funny, and just damn good. This movie may be a little long, but it sure does not feel like it. You are never bored during this movie, not for one second. This movie won the Oscar for best picture for 2006. It has to be pretty great for it to win that award. Maybe I’m just a huge Scorsese fanatic, but I think this is one of the best movie’s of the 2000’s.

Overall, The Departed gave us a something to enjoy and be amazed by. The direction, cast, and script were absolutely dynamite. I can’t recommend seeing this one enough. Two thumbs way up!

Grade= A (Excellent! A Must See!)


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