Nightcrawler (2014)

Want to see Jake Gyllenhaal at his best? Nightcrawler might be one you should check out. Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a weird, sociopathic man who is living in Los Angeles, California. He steals a lot of parts from construction sites and tries to sell them for money. While Lou is out and about one night, he comes across a car accident. While looking at the cars, we see a man come speeding by with a camera in his hand (Bill Paxton). Lou finds out that he can make some serious money by filming these crime scenes and selling the footage to news stations. Lou wants to star doing thing, but he knows he will need some help going about this. He finds an assistant, Rick (Riz Ahmed) to help him. The way Lou goes about filming his footage is in a very risky and dangerous way. All the scenes are being set up in his favor for good footage. Lou will do whatever it takes to get the best possible footage he can get, even if that means doing some illegal things.

Nightcrawler is a very fun and energetic movie. The whole movie is just crazy. Jake Gyllenhaal gave the performance of his career as Lou Bloom. Gyllenhaal is never one who steers away from taking on these dark roles. He is in his right element here and excels with this performance. Gyllenhall did not receive an Oscar nomination for this. He was absolutely snubbed! This was one of my favorite acting performances of 2014. I thought Gyllenhaal was the reason why this movie was as good as it was.

This movie gives us a creepy character who makes you very interested in him. Nightcrawler is directed by Dan Gilroy. Gilroy gives us something to really enjoy and have fun with. We saw Lou Bloom as nothing but a sociopath. The cinematography of this film is absolutely awesome. The whole story was very interesting and I think if you watch it you will understand what was so interesting about it.

Nightcrawler really takes you into serious crime reporting in Los Angeles. There was some minor things I may have changed with the movie, but it did feel pretty awesome the way it was. This is a great thriller that I think a lot of people will enjoy. This movie is just a lot of fun to watch. Lou Bloom is absolutely insane and was such an interesting character to watch.

Overall, Nightcrawler is a movie that is a great thriller and gives you an awesome movie watching experience. The acting was superb and the editing was awesome. I definitely think this is one you should check out.

Grade= B+ (Very Good!)


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