The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

Want to watch a film that somewhat redeemed itself from the first film? Here’s one for you! After the first movie, let’s fast forward to the year of 2023. It is the night of the annual Purge in America, where you can just go out and kill anyone. You have 12 hours to Purge and the police cannot do anything from stopping you from doing this. This is very popular in America, but there are many people who are against it. There are a few different stories happening on Purge night in 2023. We meet a couple (Zach Gilford and Kiele Ejogo) whose car breaks down while far away from home, just moments before it is time to Purge.We then meet a mother and her daughter who are kidnapped by men in SWAT uniforms. We then meet Sergeant (Frank Grillo), a man who is in pursuit to find the man who is responsible for the death of his son. All three of these stories become connected in a way.

To start, this movie was not my favorite at all. I thought the first one was a huge disappointment  and they would make this one to redeem themselves. Boy was I wrong! The premise of these films are awesome and something that really caught my attention and had me thinking they would be good movies. The first one was nothing special and I thought it was just nothing short of a disappointment. The first movie came out with so much promise to it and it makes me mad to see how bad it was.

Now to The Purge: Anarchy! This movie had a much larger budget than the first film, so that means we see more blood, action, and violence. This is all true, but the film still lacks from being an enjoyable movie. What it really comes down to is that a better director is needed who can finally make this movie awesome. This is the third movie for director, James DeMonaco. I think this is why the movie isn’t as good as it should be. These are just not the movies he should be directing. I recently read a third Purge is coming out and he will also be directing that as well. I will be very hesitant as to whether or not I see that.

This movie is just one that is not good. As I said earlier, there are plenty of thrills and action involved with the movie, but it lacks so many other aspects. The acting was pretty bad as well. None of the characters were believable. Like the first one, this movie takes off really strong, but then we are left with nothing but disappointment.

Overall, The Purge: Anarchy is a movie that should be an awesome action/thriller movie that you want to watch, but is absolutely not. I definitely think this is one you will be disappointed with.

Grade= D (Bad)


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