Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Here’s a flick that is really intense that I’m not quite sure is for everybody. Young and determined English Lit. Major Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) fills in for her roommate to conduct an interview with the very young, rich and well – known Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). When Anastasia gets to Mr. Grey’s office, things start off pretty bad, but then take a sudden turn. During the interview, it seems as if Christian becomes interested in Anastasia. After the interview, Christian goes to a hardware store where Anastasia works, so he can find out more about her. Christian then asks her out on a date. She agrees because it’s obvious she is on to him as well. She spends the night with Christian and things start to get very weird. There is a whole other side to Christian. This whole other side is how Christian likes to go through love-making, if you would even call it that in this case. He is into a lot of extreme things that Anastasia may not be ready to commit herself to. Christian needs Anastasia to sign a contract so she agrees to become his submissive. If Anastasia agrees to Christian’s conditions with this, then she is able to be with him. If she does not want this kind of sex life with Christian, then they are unable to have a relationship at all.

First off, I never read the book of this, so I went in to this movie not knowing anything about the plot, except that Christian Grey is some guy who has a really strange way of having sex. It was clear I was not the right audience for this movie. I felt as if I had to sign a contract just to watch it. This movie has been hyped – up for the past year or so and I didn’t think it lived up to the hype. This movie was really good for about the first hour, but then slowly just drags on until the end. I’m sure the book is the same way, but I felt this was pretty over – the – top. This movie is rated R for obvious reasons. There’s plenty of it in this movie.

This movie had pretty solid acting. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were a really great pair together. They were both interesting and appeared like they were able to change each other. The two of them worked really well with each other here. On the other had, the movie lacked a lot. Sure the movie was pretty entertaining for the most part, but it could have been better than it was. This is the third movie for director, Sam Taylor – Johnson. Even though this movie was not great, it seemed like she was really involved with the characters here and really tried to make this film work. I hope she directs the next one.

Fifty Shades Of Grey will absolutely have a sequel. They threw a Mockingjay: Part 1 ending at us. I did enjoy this movie for the most part, but it really does lack a lot. The movie leaves you to be pretty excited for the sequel. This movie at times, can be pretty intense to watch. Some of the things Christian is into is absolutely insane. Don’t go into this movie with high expectations, but as Christian says, “Try to have an open mind.”

Overall, Fifty Shades Of Grey is the movie where there’s tons of sex, tears, and scenes of insanity. This is a movie that probably is not for everyone, but can still be somewhat enjoyable. You should give this a look sometime.

Grade= C (Okay)


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