Top Five (2014)

Here’s a flick I’ve been wanting to see for a while that I just got around to watching. Andre Allen (Chris Rock) has a lot going for him in life right now. He is a successful comedian and actor. He is kind of on top of the world right now. Andre is tired of playing funny roles in movies, so he is starting to go in the dramatic direction. He wants to be taken more serious as an actor and show people there is more to him than just funny. He has a new movie coming out that has horrible reviews and he is going around trying to promote it. While doing that, he is also supposed to be getting married in a few days to famous wife, Erica (Gabrielle Union). She has her own show on Bravo and the wedding will be filmed live on television. Andre is in New York promoting his new movie and is followed around by writer Chelsea Brown (Rachel Dawson). The two of them do not like each other at first, but after spending a lot of time together, they really hit it off.

Anyone who knows Chris Rock will understand going into this movie that it is an absolute riot. He was absolutely hysterical in this. He never fails to make anyone laugh. He is easily one of the best comedians around today and probably one of the best ever. Chris Rock is the director, writer, and lead actor in this movie. This is definitely a nice step for Chris, given how the movie turned out. I still cannot believe that Chris Rock pulled something like this off. Not only was it hysterical, but the movie also told a great story.

I was shocked after I watched this. I heard that the movie was pretty good, but I went into it with fairly low expectations and I left stunned. This was one of the best movies of 2014 that I have seen. Chris Rock proved that he can do it all. The story was very interesting and never makes you bored for one second. You are interested in Andre as a character throughout the whole movie. Not to mention that this movie has an incredible cast of characters. A lot of awesome faces pop up in this movie at different times.

Top Five is a very thought – provoking film that has you enjoying every minute of it. Rock and Dawson were awesome together. The two of them made a great pair and their performances in this were top – notch. If you want to watch a movie that is hilarious, has great acting, and tells a nice story, Top Five is one you want to see.

Overall, Top Five is a movie that is something that I think will be enjoyed by everyone. This is definitely something you will want to check out.

Grade= B+ (Very Good!)


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