A Good Marriage (2014)

Here’s one that’s been out for a little while that I just watched. Darcy Anderson (Joan Allen) and her husband Bob (Anthony LaPaglia) have a great marriage. They have two grown and successful children and everything is going great in their lives right now. Their daughter, Petra (Kristen Connolly) is getting married in a few days. One night while Bob goes away for work, Darcy has to go into the garage for batteries and she comes across something rather disturbing. She finds a hiding spot behind the backboard of the work bench and there is a box with ID’s. All of the Id’s that Darcy founds are of people who are missing or found dead. This really makes Darcy think that her husband is a murderer.

A Good Marriage was a book that was written by Stephen King. I did not read the book, but after seeing this movie I have absolutely no interest. I hated everything about this movie. It had some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Joan Allen could not have been believable in the slightest bit. She completely ruined this movie for me. I couldn’t stand watching her on-screen. I knew this movie was going to be terrible 15 minutes in.

This movie was just extremely slow and boring. I went into it with expectations that it wouldn’t be great, but I would enjoy it. There was absolutely nothing enjoyable about this movie. I like a nice thriller to watch, but this was just terrible. This movie gave you the idea that you would be on the edge of your seat throughout the whole film, but it definitely didn’t do that. It made me want to leave my seat and shut off the movie.

A Good Marriage is nothing but a dull and flat movie. Nothing was interesting about this at all. The whole movie is about a wife who sleeps next to a murderer husband. This movie had a really good setup that went absolutely nowhere. This is sadly the dullest work that we have seen from a great writer like Stephen King. I definitely don’t recommend seeing this movie. This was nothing but an awful film.

Overall, A Good Marriage is a movie that is just plain awful. Absolutely nothing is interesting about this movie. I wasted 85 minutes of my time.

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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