St. Vincent (2014)

If you are a Bill Murray fan you will most likely enjoy this. Vincent MacKenna (Bill Murray) is the type of guy that most people choose to stay away from and not associate themselves with. He is an alcoholic and has a serious gambling problem and he brings home a prostitute every week. He chooses not to bother with anyone except for a bartender. This all changes when a mother, Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) and her son, Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) move into the house next door. They are on their own because Oliver’s father was cheating on his mother and this caused them to get a divorce. Maggie has to work long and hard hours because she needs to support Oliver. This leaves Oliver alone for hours without anyone to watch him. Vincent tells Maggie he will look after Oliver for a few hours everyday for $12 an hour. Vincent is not the type of person that you would want to leave your young son with. Vincent teaches Oliver how to gamble and get by in life without doing work. Oliver does see some good in Vincent and loves spending time with him.

St. Vincent is a movie where Bill Murray gives an outstanding performance as Vincent. I have always been a huge fan of Murray and he shows you how great he really is in this movie. Bill Murray is the reason why this movie worked as well as it did. I do not think this would have been a good movie without him. He stole the whole movie with his comedic personality. I am very glad I finally got around to watching this.

This movie tells a really good story about how a young boy can make someone who is a grump show some sincerity. The rest of the cast was very good as well. I thought Melissa McCarthy gave us a nice change of pace than we are used to with her. We are used to seeing her play the roles like, Bridesmaids and The Heat. These are very funny movies, but Melissa takes a different route here and plays a rather serious role. It was definitely exciting to see how she pulled that one-off.

I think St. Vincent is a movie that a lot of people would enjoy. Vincent as a character was great and very interesting. While the film may be very predictable in ways, it still hits home and delivers a great and compelling story. The performances are what made this movie enjoyable to watch. I wouldn’t call this one of the best films of the year, but it was definitely one you can sit down and watch if you want to see something that is enjoyable.

Overall, St. Vincent is a heartfelt comedy that keeps you entertained throughout. This movie has a great message and I think many people will enjoy it.

Grade= B (Good)



One thought on “St. Vincent (2014)

  1. Paul S May 28, 2016 / 11:04 AM

    I thought McCarthy, Watts, O’Dowd & Lieberher were all wonderful but “St. Vincent” is Bill Murray’s show from beginning to end. Then again I am a sucker for a curmudgeon and a child.
    I’ve heard people say “St. Vincent” is full of cliché, but what it showed in the trailer was what it delivered. I was more than satisfied.


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