Let’s Be Cops (2014)

If you like goofy comedies, this movie might be one you want to check out, but probably not. Justin and Ryan (Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson) are life long best friends who need to start doing something different with their lives and start getting their act together. One night they go to their high school reunion and realize how big of losers they have become. They went trying to impress everyone they went to high school with by wearing police uniforms. They realize that while wearing these uniforms, they are given the utmost respect. They decide to go a little further with this cop gig. They decide to start going out in the real world and acting like they are real police officers. It is all fun and games in the beginning until an actual situation arises and Justin and Ryan find themselves having to really act like cops. Real cops show up and see them and they believe that Justin and Ryan are actual police officers. The real cops need their help. They do not want to get hurt and they realize that they are in very deep and they can’t get themselves out of trying to solve a case.

First off, absolutely do not watch this movie. There was nothing funny about this. I absolutely hated this film and would never watch it again. It was such a shame because the trailers made it look very funny, but it failed miserably and left you bored and unamused throughout the whole movie. I definitely think this movie was complete garbage. I wish I had that 105 minutes back. That was just so terrible.

The acting in this movie was horrendous. Wayans and Johnson were absolutely terrible and completely unbelievable. These two actors are in the sitcom New Girl. I now know I absolutely do not want to watch that show because these two actors were so terrible. I will never watch something else they are intogether. They proved to me that they absolutely cannot act. A major disappointment from both actors.

Let’s Be Cops was a movie that never kept you interested and made you want to stop watching it. After ten minutes of watching this movie, I thought it started off pretty well, but it just sunk in boredom and made it such a frustrating movie watching experience. This movie is one I definitely do not recommend to anyone.

Overall, Let’s Be Cops is a horrendous film that no one should watch. Take my word for it.

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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