The Theory Of Everything (2014)

Here’s a movie that won a huge Academy Award for Best Actor. Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) was a college student who was looking to serve a real purpose in life. He wanted to try to pursue something with Physics. Hawking just has absolutely no motivation to do so. This is until a woman named Jane (Felicity Jones) comes into his life and changes him into a new man. Jane could not possibly have come into Stephen’s life at such a horrible time. Stephen started noticing some things about himself that were going wrong and he decided to go see a doctor. The doctor told him that he was diagnosed with ALS, which is an untreatable disease that eventually makes him not be able to do anything besides sit in a chair. Jane has fallen in love with Stephen and decides that she wants to stick it out with him for as long as they have together. They get married and start a very hard life together. Jane feels that as long as they love each other, nothing will be wrong and she feels that she can handle taking care of a family and Stephen at the same time.

The Theory Of Everything tells a really great story about a man who is known worldwide as a genius. Stephen Hawking is such a smart man. It’s such a shame that he has to have this horrible disease that is untreatable. I thought this movie was well-directed and also well written. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a biopic because I don’t think they focused in enough on the brilliance of Stephen Hawking and what he did and was trying to do. The movie mainly focused on his relationship with his wife and their love for each other.

The acting in this was top-notch. Eddie Redmayne absolutely gave the performance of his career so far and without a doubt deserved the Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role. I thought Michael Keaton would win for his role in Birdman, but Redmayne gave us a memorable performance that will have people talking about for quite some time and also gave a better performance that Keaton. Redmayne gave us such a great performance that you forget that you are actually watching a film. Felicity Jones gave an excellent performance as well. She played a very intimate character as the wife of Stephen Hawking. Felicity definitely deserved the Oscar nomination.

Having said all that, the movie definitely did have some problems. As I said earlier, I wished this movie focused more on what Stephen was trying to prove and not just him and his wife. I felt as if the movie started to get boring with just focusing mainly on the relationship between Stephen and Jane. I just think they could have told the story of Hawking a little bit better than they did. The fact still remains that this is an exceptional film because of the acting. Redmayne just gave nothing but a remarkable performance.

Overall, The Theory Of Everything is a movie that is definitely deserving of the Oscar nominations and the win. The acting was superb and it is a remarkable movie to watch. I definitely think you should check this out.

Grade= B (Good)


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