Chappie (2015)

Here’s a movie that just came out the other night that I finally got to go see it. It’s the year 2016 in Johannesburg. This is a part of the world that has a lot of crime and terrible things go on there. A new awesome invention that the police force gets are robots who do all the dangerous things that police officers should do. They basically take over for the human cops. The reason these robots come into effect are because police officers do not want to risk their life going after drug lords and other criminals. This is a great invention and it is working for the better in Johannesburg. However, designer Deon (Dev Patel) believes that he has the knowledge to do something extraordinary with these robots and take it a huge step further. This will allow the robots to use their subconsciousness as if they are actually real humans. Deon tries this on a robot that has been disabled because of being shot in battle. This test is very successful. The robot is given a name, Chappie. As soon as he realizes this works, he is kidnapped by thugs who end up stealing the robot. These thugs are in need of a robot who can help them commit crimes so they can gain a lot of money and become very rich. This is where everything goes crazy.

First off, this movie has a completely goofy and ridiculous premise. I went into this movie with pretty low expectations and I was right. I was not very intrigued or entertained by this movie. I thought this movie started off pretty well, but then just got weird and took and went in an odd direction when it should not have. I felt that the biggest problem with this movie was that director, Neill Blomkamp had no idea where to go with this. This movie started going in all different directions. This is the director who did District 9. I thought that movie was awesome, but I just did not feel the same way when I watched Chappie.

A very positive note about this movie was that the robot looked real. Some parts you would not even think it was an actual robot. The way the robot acted was like the equivalent of an eight-year-old. That is why this movie was a little bit better than I thought. When Chappie was being taught to do things, they were the best parts of the film. After about the first hour, this movie tries to go in all different directions and it is clear that the director does not know where to go with it. It is clear that Bloomkamp was just going for something a little different and didn’t care about how this would play out. They could have done some better things with this movie.

I really thought this would be a memorable movie that I would want to watch again sometime, but it just had a lot of problems and I feel that this is one a lot of people would forget about quickly after leaving the theatre. Another thing that really had me annoyed was the whole Die Antwoord thing. I could not stand that they were in this movie. That was just too much for me because those characters were more annoying than anything else. Even Hugh Jackman got on my nerves a lot. Not many of the characters grabbed my attention and this was easily the biggest disappointment for me from this film.

Overall, Chappie is a film that can be fun and heartfelt at times, but still leaves you thinking that movie could have been a lot better than it was. I think you should check this out, but wait until it is On Demand.

Grade= C (Okay)


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