Maps To The Stars (2015)

Here’s a movie that came out a month ago that I just got a chance to watch. There are a few stories going on in this movie. We meet Agatha (Mia Wasikowska), a girl with a lot of problems who shows up to Hollywood one day looking for a job. She meets Havana Segrand (Julianne Moore), an actress who has a lot of problems of her own because growing up she was abused by her mother. Havana hires Agatha as her personal secretary. There is then the story about Havana’s limo driver, Jerome (Robert Pattinson). Jerome is an up and coming actor who is very interested in starting a relationship with Agatha. We then meet a big time TV psychologist Stanford Weiss (John Cusack). Stanford has a child star son named Benjie (Evan Bird). Benjie is kind of like a Justin Bieber type person. He is someone who is very about himself and is just rude and arrogant to everyone around him. We start to see how all of these different story lines start to come together.

Maps To The Stars is a movie that I was pretty excited to watch. I thought the whole idea of it was very cool. This is a movie that is filled with a lot of humor and entertainment. Maps To The Stars is a movie that is all over the place, but it works out. It can take you in many different directions and still keep you very entertained. This movie is one that takes you on a very dark look at actors and actresses in Hollywood. This was directed by David Cronenberg. Cronenberg gave us his typical, dark movie here, but I really enjoyed this one more than the other films he has made. I think he gave us something to look forward to with the future of him as a director.

I thought the cast of this film was excellent. Every cast member gave a great performance. I have really learned to like Julianne Moore as an actress. I think pretty recently she has been on the top of her game as an actress. Maps To The Stars is her second movie that was filmed last year that she gave an outstanding performance. The last movie was Still Alice and she received an Oscar for that. I thought John Cusack was awesome in this. I really like some of the work he does, but I am still upset we didn’t see him in the new, crappy Hot Tub Time Machine 2. John Cusack can play a lot of different roles and this was one of his best.

Maps To The Stars is a film that just grabs your attention. You feel fully invested in each of the characters because it is all over the place, but in a good way. You want to see Benjie try to become this good person. He is just this rich, child star who thinks he is the greatest guy in the world. Agatha is just this crazy person that you think could be suicidal throughout. This was a nice change of pace from the list of stinkers that I’ve been seeing lately. I think we are finally getting out of the rough patch for films and now entering what is the Blockbuster time of year for movies.

Overall, Maps To The Stars is a fun, humorous, and all around good movie with interesting story lines and interesting characters. I definitely recommend checking this one out.

Grade= B (Good)


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