It Follows (2015)

This is a movie that I just saw that recently came out. The movie starts with a girl running out of her house and we find her on a beach. By the next morning, she has been brutally murdered. Young college student Jay (Maika Monroe) goes out on a date with Hugh (Jake Weary). The date goes differently than you would expect a normal date to go. Jay does not think much of it and decides to go out with him again. On the second date, Jay and Hugh have sex. After this happens, Hugh explains to Jay that he has passed on a curse to her. The curse is an entity that can only be seen by people who are under the curse. It can take on the appearance of anyone and follow you at walking pace. If it catches Jay it will kill her and then go back to kill the person that passed it on to her. In order to get rid of it, you need to keep passing it on. In order to get rid of this curse, you need to sleep with someone and it needs to keep going from there. You are never safe anywhere you go because IT FOLLOWS!

First off, It Follows gave us an unusual horror film. I am a huge fan of horror movies and I love everything to do with them. I have to say that this film was one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. I loved everything about this. This movie was just a very smart and chilling thriller. I loved how creepy this movie was. It Follows is probably one of the most intense horror movie that has come to theaters in the past ten years. This is definitely a horror movie that we are going to look back on and say that it was an instant horror classic. This is going to be a movie that is shown on AMC for FearFest in October.

It Follows is written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. This is one of the first movies that he decided to take on and he excelled in every way. I really hope he decides to pursue a directing career in horror movies because this was just excellent. It’s very hard to say that a horror movie is great because the whole point is to scare you, but It Follows is easily one of the best horror movies that I have ever seen. This is a movie filled with so much intensity and creepiness that you are constantly on the edge of your seat frightened. For such a ridiculous premise, this movie was just amazing.

It Follows reminded me so much of John Carpenter’s, Halloween. The constant horrifying score and creepiness of Michael Myers was there. The score of It Follows sounded just like John Carpenter was behind it. It was just as brilliant and as creepy as Halloween. It was almost like we were back in 1978 and were watching Halloween in theaters. I can’t give enough praise to this movie. It Follows is just a horror masterpiece. This movie was just so smart and the characters were very likable. Maika Monroe gave a great performance is this. Everyone just looked so scared. Two thumbs way up from me!

Overall, It Follows is a fantastic horror film that keeps you scared, interested, and amazed. This is definitely a movie I recommend giving a look for all you horror fans. Even if you do not appreciate when horror movies are good, you will still enjoy this movie.

Grade= A (Excellent! A Must See!)


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