Serena (2015)

Here’s a movie that was just released that I saw. We meet George Pemberton (Bradley Cooper). George is a business owner who needs to find a new purpose in life for himself. George then meets Serena (Jennifer Lawrence). From the start, the two of them hit it off incredibly well. George has immediately fallen in love with Serena. Serena and George get married very quickly and Serena decides that she wants to become involved with George’s business. Serena starts to really take an interest in George’s business, which is a major problem with everyone besides George. He does not want to upset his wife and it does not bother him that she is now involved with the business. George and Serena start to go through a lot of marital problems and really think they need something to fix it. Serena becomes pregnant and everything starts to feel like it is becoming normal again for George and Serena. Shortly after she finds out she is pregnant, something goes wrong and she is told she is unable to have children. This is where everything goes nuts!

First off, Serena had a release date for a few years back and it was decided that this would be pushed back a while. To be honest, I wish they would have waited a few more years to release this movie. This movie was just a complete disaster from start to finish. That is the simplest way for me to put it. Absolutely nothing about this movie was good. I can not get over the fact how annoyed I was watching this. I really wish I could have that 110 minutes back. The whole entire plot of this movie was completely ridiculous and very stupid. I could not find myself enjoying even one bit of this movie.

It is without question that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have a ridiculously great chemistry when in films. After watching Serena, you would think that it was the first time they ever met. They were absolutely horrific together. Seeing them in this would make you never want to watch them together in anything again. None of the performances by the two were even the slightest bit believable and Bradley Cooper’s North Carolina accent was atrocious. You can clearly tell this was done well before great movies like Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. You couldn’t see any of their great chemistry in this movie.

Everything about Serena was extremely lazy. The writing was terrible and the directing was just plain awful. This was directed by Susanne Bier. I am now convinced that I do not want to watch another one of her movies ever again. This was a complete waste of my time and it was nothing but a disaster from start to finish. Serena is a movie that will make you extremely frustrated and you will definitely want the time you took watching it back. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about this movie. Everything about this was just a complete nightmare and I never want to watch this movie again.

Overall, Serena is a movie that has terrible acting, a poorly written script, and just a stupid plot. I absolutely do not recommend this movie and think that you should never take the time out of your day to watch this. This was nothing but a disaster of a film. This cast will have nightmares about this film for many years to come.

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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