Green Street Hooligans (2005)

Here is a really fun movie that has been out for a long time that I recently watched again. Who would think little Frodo would be running around fighting people. Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood), is an American Journalist. He was kicked out of Harvard because he was found with drugs in his dorm room. The drugs were his roommates, but he was keeping them in Matt’s closet in case the room were to ever be checked. After getting kicked out of school, Matt decides to travel to England to visit his sister Shannon. Once he reaches England, he meets Pete (Charlie Hunnam). Pete is a member of the GSE (Green Street Elite). The GSE is basically a gang of soccer hooligans. They are constantly getting into fights with other clubs and getting into all sorts of trouble. Pete starts hanging around with Matt and decided to take him to a match. Many of the members of the GSE take a liking to Matt and initiate him into the group. Matt fails to tell them all that he is a Journalist because they all express their hatred towards them. We now find Matt, the American Journalist, who is now a full-blown soccer hooligan.

First off, Green Street Hooligans is an absolute bloodbath of a movie. It is filled with constant craziness and bloody fight scenes. This movie is one of the most violent films I have ever watched. It is filled with loads of entertainment and just the most brutal fight scenes you can imagine. This is just an extremely violent movie about the insanity that is found in the British fans of soccer. Just imagine this movie compared to Fight Club. This is probably more violent than that. Something very interesting about this movie is its characters.

Green Street Hooligans is a movie filled with a lot of really good acting. However, I will say that Elijah Wood was a very interesting person to fill the role of Matt Buckner. I don’t necessarily agree with him playing the role, but it wasn’t as poor as it could have been. Charlie Hunnam is awesome in this. He is a bad-ass character who always stands his ground and fights. All of the guys in the GSE are awesome. They do not let anyone from any other club mess with them. All of them are nothing short of bloodthirsty gang fighters that are extremely bad-ass.

This movie provides you with tons of entertainment and scenes that could make you look away from the screen. While this is not the greatest movie by any means, it still gives you something that you will enjoy and love. Even if you are not a fan of soccer, this is still a movie that everyone can enjoy. Green Street Hooligans is a movie that provides entertainment to whoever watches it. The way you see this nerd transform into a bad-ass is simply awesome.

Overall, Green Street Hooligans is a movie with non-stop, intense violence and a cool story. This movie has good acting and a lot of swearing. You should give this one a look sometime.

Grade= B (Good)


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