Miracle (2004)

Because it’s the time for playoff hockey again, here is a movie that tells a terrific story of hockey in the United States. This is based on the true story of the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team. Herb Brooks (Kurt Russel) is hired as the coach for the United States. Brooks had a dream of coaching in the Olympics ever since he was cut from the team in 1960. He immediately calls his friend, Craig Patrick (Noah Emmerich). Brooks brings together a bunch of college kids and gets them into shape and ready to play. Brooks trains his team like no other coach has ever done. The Soviet Union is considered the greatest team in the world because they have all of these all-stars on their team and they’ve won almost every olympic tournament in the past 20 years. Brooks wants to train his team to play the way the Soviet Union plays their game so someone can finally beat them and win the gold medal. Will the United States be good enough to beat the Soviet’s?

First off. everyone know’s the story of Miracle. This is easily the best sports story in United States history. This is a very moving story about the 1980 Olympic team and how they conquered the dream and beat the Soviet Union. The fact that they beat the Soviet Union is even more exciting than going on to win the goal. They did the impossible and this will forever go down in history as one of the greatest things to ever happen to the United States Of America. This is also just an all-around great sports movie. If you are a fan of hockey you will love this.

The acting we see in Miracle could have been considered as an Oscar nomination if I am being honest. Kurt Russel was absolutely superb as Herb Brooks. Even if you are not a huge fan of this movie, you absolutely cannot put past the fact that Kurt Russel was absolutely amazing in this. His performance stole the whole entire movie. He gave us what was probably one of the best acting roles of his career. Even some of the actors playing the players made themselves interesting characters. I just thought this was a well done job by everyone involved.

Miracle tells the story of something that still to this day is very inspirational. People always look back and talk about how great it was what this United Stated hockey team did. This is very overwhelming to some people. No one ever thought that another hockey team could beat the Soviet Union, especially a bunch of young college kids. And I have to mention the chills you get when you hear Al Michaels yell, “Do you believe in Miracles? Yes!” Miracle is just a great movie that tells an awesome story and I think this is one everyone can enjoy.

Overall, Miracle is the sports movie that you want to watch. It tells a terrific story and some outstanding acting. This is definitely a movie you should watch even if you are not a sports fan.

Grade= A (Excellent! A Must See!)


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