Unfriended (2015)

Anyone want to Skype? It’s the one-year anniversary of the death of high school student, Laura Barns. We meet Blaire (Shelly Pennig), a harmless high school girl who is just surfing the internet and looks up a video that was posted of Laura Barns committing suicide. Blaire then starts to Skype with her boyfriend and all of her friends. Blarie’s boyfriend, Mitch (Moses Jacob Storm) gets a random message from Laura saying that she knows all kinds of dirty secrets on himself, Blaire and the rest of their friends. All of a sudden, a random user appears on the screen with no face. They all try to get this user out of their chat, but it starts typing things to them and makes them all freaked out. The user starts to get very personal and scare everyone in the web chat. They have no idea who this person is and it is making them very upset and scared when it is pouring out all the dirty secrets they have. Why is someone doing this to them? They are all good people, right?

First off, Unfriended takes places solely in front of a computer-screen. This is definitely a horror movie of the 21st century. Unfriended gives us something different to watch as a horror movie. It is extremely scary and often unpleasant to watch. This movie makes you very claustrophobic while watching it. At the movies, you are looking at a giant screen and all you see is a laptop screen. This movie is without a doubt one of the more intense and exhilarating horror movies that has come out in the past ten years. What I really liked about Unfriended is that you feel like you are involved in the conversation throughout the entire film. You can see yourself on-screen web chatting with them.

The characters we have in Unfriended are pretty good at showing us how teenagers actually are. You have your typical miss know it all, your pot head, the one who loves to fight, and your nice and innocent ones. They definitely all had me interested in them in this film. You never knew what to expect next and neither did they. Whenever they were yelling and arguing with each other, you feel as if you are in the middle of them and involved in the conversation. The characters in this movie talked to each other the exact way that actual teenagers would in real life. This movie definitely is aimed at teens and how their actions of bullying can have serious consequences. This movie delivers a great message of the effects of bullying and what it can cause people to do.

Unfriended is by far one of the most intense horror movies I have ever seen. I haven’t felt this way about a horror movie since I first saw Paranormal Activity. I feel just as scared as I did when I watched that. Unfriended can also be a little off-putting with the nauseating death scene’s that are presented to us. There were a lot of scenes in this that made me very uncomfortable and scared as shit. This is definitely a horror movie that is going to be talked about for a very long time and could go down as a classic for this generation. The greatest thing about this was that nothing was drug out in this film. They just jumped straight to the point. This is absolutely one of the most disturbing horror films I have ever seen.

Overall, Unfriended is a very good horror film that makes you scared, interested, and often nauseous. Like myself, if you are a big fan of horror movies, you will love this. Whether you like them or not, you will still be just as horrified.

Grade= B+ (Very Good!)


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