The Water Diviner (2015)

Here is a movie that just came out that I recently saw. We meet Joshua Connor (Russel Crowe), an Australian farmer and Water Diviner. Joshua is married and has three sons. While Joshua is out digging a well one day, he reruns home to find out the news that his three sons went missing in the war. Joshua’s wife, Eliza (Jaqueline McKenzie) completely blames Joshua for the disappearance of them and she is completely unable to deal with the grief she has. We are now five years into the boys missing. One day Eliza commits suicide because she feels that there is nothing to live for anymore. This really hits Joshua hard and he decides to travel to Turkey to try to find his sons. While in Turkey, Joshua stays at a hotel where he becomes very close with the widow who owns it, and her son.

First off, The Water Diviner is the very first movie that Russel Crowe has ever starred in and directed. I thought he did a pretty good job for his first time directing. While the movie was definitely not my favorite he was in, the movie was definitely somewhat enjoyable. I hope that we continue to see Russel Crowe direct in the future. The whole time I was just felt like I was watching an old-time Hollywood movie. The Water Diviner was not a bad movie overall, but I found it extremely dull a little more than I would have liked and this is where I ran into some problems with it. This movie was a complete melodrama. For Crowe’s first directing movie, not a bad one, but I do want to see some improvements next time.

I was very impressed by the acting. Russel Crowe was awesome in this. I think he is great in just about everything he is in. He gave us a performance that was just as good as the one he gave in A Beautiful Mind. Russel Crowe is definitely one of the best actors of this time and eve though this movie was not great, he still stole it. Olga Korylenko played the widow who he became very close with and she did an excellent job. Her son in the film, Dylan Georgiades was great to watch in this. That kid could have some serious potential as an actor and I hope he does some more work. I will say that if Crowe’s performance wasn’t as strong as it was, The Water Diviner would have been a pretty bad movie. Crowe really helped with this.

The Water Diviner is a movie that tells a really neat story in a man’s pursuit to try to find his missing sons. This is definitely a movie that a lot of people will enjoy. I personally did not find it quite as appealing as it should have been. I think this movie had way too many problems to be considered good. I will give Crowe the benefit of the doubt because this is the first time he has ever directed, but I still wish this movie was better because I really like the premise. The Water Diviner just did not hit home for me the way it should have. I thought that a great deal of this movie was rather boring to tell the truth. As I’ve said before, Crowe’s strong performance in this is the only thing that kept this movie going. If he did not deliver a strong performance, than this movie would be bad.

Overall, The Water Diviner is a feel-good movie that will please a lot of people. The acting by Crowe is superb and the movie itself is nothing to get too excited about. This isn’t a movie that I loved, but it was somewhat enjoyable.

Grade= C (Okay)


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