The Harvest (2015)

Here’s a movie that just came out last week I finally got a chance to see. We meet Maryann (Natasha Calis), a young girl who moves in with her grandparents because her parents both died. All Maryann wants is someone to be able to play with. While exploring her new neighborhood, she comes across a house and walks up to the window. She see’s a young boy named Andy (Charlie Tahan). Andy has been bedridden for most of his life, for reasons unknown. Maryann starts to come over a few times and they have always have really nice play dates, that is until Andy’s mother, Katherine (Samantha Morton) lets Maryann know that she is not welcome in their home. Andy’s father, Richard (Michael Shannon) does not think it is a problem that Andy’s hangs out with Maryann. Maryann is upset by this and wants to figure out why this family is so odd. She does some snooping around and discovers something that explains it all.

First off, The Harvest is a movie that is in the horror genre, but I kind of disagree with that. I just think it was more of a thriller. I myself, am a big horror fan and I think that this movie is not one that will necessarily scare you, but it often does have its disturbing moments and its shocking scenes. This is not the gory type of horror movie that is given to us. This is a very strong and smart horror/thriller that doesn’t need any of the gore and jumpy scenes to make sure that we have a good horror movie. If you are one who is a fan of horror movies, this is something that you will very much enjoy. Having seen this film makes me excited about the direction horror movies are going this year. It Follows started this year for horror movies off with a bang and then came Unfriended. This wasn’t quite as good as them, but was still incredibly enjoyable to watch.

Most of the “scary” scenes come from Samantha Morton. She was awesome as the crazy, overprotective mother that would never let her son leave or do anything with anyone else. Her and Michael Shannon did very well together with this. I think Michael Shannon has not been too good as of lately, but this movie may put him back on track. I thought he was great in this by playing the terrible husband who has absolutely no say in his marriage at all and can’t get out of it. He was probably my favorite character that was in this movie. Even little Maryann was great in this. She figured out what this family was hiding and the way she went about everything was great. Very well acted by young, Natasha Calis.

The Harvest is an all-around fun and thrilling horror film. The whole time I was watching this, all I could think about was the movie Misery. Samantha Morton reminded me so much of Kathy Bates from that movie. I wonder if that is where the idea of this character came from. They were so much alike and it was very hard for me to not think of Kathy Bates playing this role. That is how good Morton was. The Harvest is a very fun movie watching experience because you never know which direction this movie is going to take you. It jumps from one thing to the other, but in a good way. At times, the movie can be kind of ridiculous, but it is never dull and provides so much entertainment. The insanity of this movie is awesome. This is a very well-done horror film in my opinion.

Overall, The Harvest is a horror/thriller that is done right. I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a lot of fun to watch and never had me bored. I would definitely check this one out.

Grade= B+ (Very Good!)


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