Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

“I feel uptight on a Saturday night!” Oh, why Kevin James? After a week of being married, Paul Blart (Kevin James) receives a divorce letter from his wife. Paul takes this very hard and is extremely upset. Shortly after this, Paul’s mother is hit by a milk truck and dies. Paul is an absolute wreck and has no idea what to do. A few days later the mail arrives and Paul receives an invitation to a security officers convention in Las Vegas. Paul is absolutely thrilled by this news and cannot wait to go. His daughter, Maya (Raini Rodriguez) also receives her acceptance letter to UCLA that day. She doesn’t want to tell her dad about the acceptance yet because he is so excited about the trip and he will be very upset she is moving away. Paul is asked to give the keynote speech at the convention. Shortly before he has to leave for the convention, Paul and Maya get into a bad argument. Maya goes out and hangs out with this guy and stumbles into some bad people. Criminals are now holding her hostage because she saw that they were stealing artwork from the hotel. Paul now has to enter full security mode and get his daughter back.

Where do I begin? Mall Cop 2 was an even bigger disaster than the first one. This movie was absolutely terrible. I can’t wait to forget about this movie. I left the theatre very angry and miserable because of how horrendous it truly was. This is a movie that is filled with a handful of laughs at best. You can probably count on one hand the amount of times you will laugh if it is even that much. I found nothing about this movie funny in the slightest bit. You will leave the theatre wondering why you even bothered going to see this in the first place. I have no idea why this movie was even made. The first one was a complete disaster and now they make this. This is truly a film that you will absolutely dislike.

I cannot believe Kevin James would agree to this film. I thought after the first one he would understand that the whole idea of him playing a mall cop is terrible. Kevin James receives a lot of bad criticism for his comedy and I often find him funny, but not in this movie. He looked like he tried even harder in this than the first one and it just did not work out for him at all. Neal McDonough shows up in this film as the bad guy and he is probably worse than James to be truly honest. Every time he showed up on-screen, I was quickly ready for them to jump to the next scene. All the actors we see in this movie gave nothing but forgettable and embarrassing performances all around. This was nothing but horrendous acting.

Mall Cop 2 is a movie that is just absolutely awful. It’s not even a movie you will go around talking about to people and let them know how bad it was. You want to forget you saw this all together. I actually know a few people who liked the first one for whatever reason. They will probably even think this is terrible. The stupid premise had absolutely zero laughs and that is what made me the most frustrated. A movie can be bad and still have some laughs, but Mall Cop 2 was a terrible movie that was absolutely not funny. Think of the worst movie you have ever seen and then change it to Mall Cop 2. Absolutely do not go and see this movie. You will very much regret it if you do.

Overall, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is a terrible movie filled with no humor and god-awful acting. The premise is stupid and it is very poorly written. Do not waste your time with this one.

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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