Alex Of Venice (2015)

Here’s a new one that was recently released that I just saw. We meet George (Chris Messina) and Alex (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). George and Alex have a son named Dakota (Skylar Gaertner). George feels like his marriage is failing and his life has completely changed, so he decides that he needs some time to think for himself about what he really wants. Alex is hurt by this at first, but realizes she herself needs some space. Alex is a lawyer who is working on a huge case at the moment and she does not really have a lot of time on her hands. She takes a little break from work and starts living her life in the fast lane. Alex starts to go out and party a lot and have a lot of fun that she never used to have. This great and all, but a big problem occurs and her dad, Roger (Don Johnson) becomes very strange as of lately and Alex takes notice to this. Alex’s sister Lily (Kate Nehra) moves in with them for a while and she starts teaching Dakota things he shouldn’t know about. Alex then starts to question as to whether or not she wants this fun, single life.

Alex Of Venice is a movie about how a woman is trying to bearings in life. She was going through a tough time and she just needs some time to get her life back on track. This movie is by no means compelling at all. I feel like I have seen this many times in the past. I think that this movie needed something a little more to make it better. I began to get tired of watching everything going on. The direction this movie took had me very disappointed and I wish that this would have been different. I just feel like I have seen an uncountable amount of films about women that are on the self-discovery path. I’m just ready for something new and Alex Of Venice didn’t show me that.

What kept this movie going was Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She was surprisingly very good in this. I was very surprised by the performance she gave in this. I think that she is usually a good actress, but she really gave it her best in this and proved that she is great. I think this is a movie that will easily be forgotten about, but I do not think I will forget about the performance she gave in Alex Of Venice. This movie at times can be a bit touching and pleasant, but I just feel that it kind of went nowhere and the relationships the characters had really weren’t making much sense. I do not think the chemistry of the characters was very strong at all. The mark that was left by Winstead is really the only memorable thing about this movie.

Alex Of Venice is a very small indie film that could have worked better. Don Johnson was really the only interesting character to me. I thought his character was completely nuts. He grabbed my attention more than Winstead did and she was great in this. Alex Of Venice is very well-intentioned and shoots to be a good movie, but definitely falls short on all aspects. It is very frustrating because there is definitely a lot to admire here, but the movie went nowhere and began to become more dull than anything. This is the first movie directed by Chris Messina and I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I love him as an actor, but I hope that if he decides to stick with directing, he improves a lot.

Overall, Alex Of Venice gives you an outstanding acting performance from Winstead, but other than that the movie is rather dull and can often get boring. It hardly ever goes anywhere and this is where my major problems were. Check this out if you are an indie movie fan.

Grade= C (Okay)


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