The Forger (2015)

Here’s a new one that just came out. Raymond J. Cutter (John Travolta) is the world’s greatest art forger and it known for his excellent skills with this. Cutter is in prison and really needs to get out. He gets in contact with a bad guy from Boston by the name of Keegan (Anson Mount). Keegan pays for Raymond to be released from prison, but he needs to do something in return for Keegan helping him out. Raymond has to pull off an impossible heist that will be very difficult to do. Raymond has to forge a painting by Claude Monet. He has to steal the original painting from a museum and replace it with the forged painting and make sure no one know’s about it or can tell it is a fake. Raymond needs some help doing this. He drags his father, Joseph (Christopher Plummer) and his son Tye (Will Sheridan). Also, there are cops following Raymond around. Can he pull off this heist and not be killed or sent back to prison?

First off, The Forger is a movie that has an absolutely ridiculous premise. Going into this I had pretty low expectations, and I left knowing that I was right. I was very glad my expectations for this were not high because the movie was a bit of a stinker. There were no interesting characters at all and I felt like the movie was just dragging on the whole time. For the first half of the movie, absolutely nothing goes on and it is just boring. The Forger was supposed to be an exciting thriller and had a lot of hope, but sadly the movie is one that you will probably forget about shortly after seeing it. Nothing about this movie impressed me and it left me feeling more frustrated than anything.

I liked the casting of this movie, but all of them were pretty terrible in this. John Travolta is a respected actor and he was just plain awful. For some odd reason. they tried to make him look a lot younger than he really is. They had him grow out his hair and he just looked completely ridiculous. Nothing about him in this movie was convincing at all. It was very disappointing watching him on-screen. Christopher Plummer played the father of John Travolta and he may have been even worse that Travolta. I really like Christopher Plummer as an actor and I think he is great in a lot of his movie, but I’m not sure what the hell happened to him in this. He was terrible and there is absolutely no doubting that.

The Forger is just a completely sluggish and dull movie. Absolutely nothing was convincing in this and nothing had me entertained. I started to become very annoyed with this movie, and even though it is not that long, it felt like it was almost a three-hour movie. I think a lot of blame goes to director, Philip Martin. It seemed like he had no idea where to go with this movie and the fact that he had 85-year-old Christopher Plummer running with everyone from the police actually had me laughing, but not in a funny way. That was very over-the-top for me. The whole movie in general just had way too many problems and I did not enjoy it for one second. I think it was poorly written and poorly directed.

Overall, The Forger should have been that exciting crime thriller that everyone was waiting for, but sadly it falls way short of being that. This is a movie that has terrible acting, is poorly written, and is a complete mess from start to finish. I do not recommend checking this out.

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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