Disturbia (2007)

This is one that came out a while back that I rewatched. We meet Kale (Shia LaBeouf), a young teenager with a lot ahead of him in life and two parents that love him very much. Kale and his father, Daniel (Matt Craven) go out one morning to fish. on the way home they get into a horrific car accident and unfortunately Daniel does not make it. This absolutely destroys kale and he has no idea what do. He starts failing in school and stops caring about everything in life. After an incident with one of his teachers, Kale is placed on house arrest where he devotes his time to spying on neighbors. Kale becomes very close with Ashley (Sarah Roemer), the girl who just moved in next door. The two of them begin to spy on the neighbors and Kale believes that the man living behind him is a serial killer. Is Kale right or is he just imagining things because he is on house arrest?

Disturbia is a movie that I really enjoy that came out quite a few years ago. I just think this movie is a very entertaining and very well-made film that is a thriller that everyone can enjoy. It is a very smart and unique thriller that we don’t see all that much of. While this movie lacks the length it should be, it definitely makes up for it with intense scenes that have you on the edge of your seat. I really think this is a movie that could have had some more intensity, but it still provides you with very thrilling scenes that can make your heart stop. Disturbia is the type of movie that builds up its thrills and doesn’t just throw them right at you, which I like. I think this movie is definitely aimed at a young audience, but can be enjoyed by an older crowd.

The acting we see in Disturbia is a little ridiculous. Shia LaBeouf looks very young compared to now. It is crazy watching something that was made this long ago and watching a movie recently made with him in it. He was perfect for the role at the time and did a very good job of fulfilling his purpose of the teenager looking to figure out how to occupy his time on house arrest. I think that his friend Ronny in the movie was a terrible character. He was played by Aaron Yoo. He was just a very annoying and goofy character and I think part of the reason for that was because Aaaron Yoo was just not good. But that’s how these teenage actors are supposed to be in this movie. David Morse was great in this. He used to be in a show that I really enjoyed called Hack. He is a really good actor and I think he was perfect for this movie.

When I watch Disturbia, I always compare it to Alfred Hitchcock’s, Rear Window. These movies are so much alike. While Disturbia is not nearly as good as Rear Window, we still have much enjoyment from this. This movie can also each you some things. Your neighbor’s may not be who you actually think they are, but that’s neither here nor there. Disturbia is a very fun movie that you should watch with other people. It makes a fun viewing experience that has everyone on the dye of their seats at times. We see so many awesome twists and turns thrown at us, that you do not know which direction this movie is going to take, but it is always a fun ride and doesn’t often leave you disappointed.

Overall, Disturbia is a really fun thriller that makes an incredibly fun and enjoyable watching experience. I think this is one you should give a look.

Grade= B (Good)


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