The Barber (2015)

I can’t wait to go for another haircut! What we see here is an old barber named Eugene (Scott Glenn), who has been hiding under someone else’s identity because he is suspected of killing many young women in the early 90’s, but there has never been enough evidence to put him away for it. He starts teaming with a younger guy named John (Chris Coy). John makes it seem like he wants to follow in the footsteps of Eugene and kill some young girls. Little does Eugene know, John is a police officer and is trying to take down Eugene for this, but he doesn’t have enough clear evidence yet. In order to have Eugene believe that John is interested in this, John has to abduct some women himself, but does not kill them. He just tells Eugene he does. Will John be able to take down Eugene, or will Eugene find out John is a cop and kill him?

The Barber is a very ridiculous thriller that was recently released. The whole entire movie is just stupid from beginning to end. This movie tries to throw a lot of plot twist’s at you, but they do not work and they are all very predictable. The whole movie was predictable from start to finish. I do not think that this is a movie that I could ever watch more than once. There was nothing very interesting about this and the whole time I felt as if the movie was completely boring. What was supposed to be an exciting thriller was a complete mess. It seemed like the director had no idea where to go with this. The Barber is just a movie that has way too many problems and is just plain awful.

The acting we see in The Barber is hardly ever believable. A veteran actor like Scott Glenn should have brought more to the table than this. He was terrible to watch and nothing he did in the movie made it seem like he was a killer, even thought he entire movie is about him murdering women. He did not show me any good acting skills and I wish they would have gotten someone else to play the role. Chris Coy was also someone who could bore you throughout the entire movie. I did not think that this movie was going to be a masterpiece, but I wish they would have actually tried to make us believe them. None of the actors made me interested in their characters and all I could think about was how much longer until the credits.

The Barber is a movie that is just very poorly written and directed. The whole concept was stupid, but that can sometimes work. In this case, we do not see any sign of hope for this movie. I wish I could have that 90 minutes back to watch something else. Most of this movie was unbearable to watch and I heavily blame that on the cast. I think if the casting was a little bit stronger, we could have had an interesting thriller to watch. What we are given on-screen is a complete disaster. There was nothing that had me excited or anxious to see what was going to come next. Everything was completely predictable and nothing was interesting. This is definitely a movie that I recommend you don’t watch.

Overall, The Barber is a movie that is loaded with problems. A very poorly written, acted and directed film. This is absolutely not a thriller that people will enjoy.

Grade= D- (Terrible!)


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