Adult Beginners (2015)

We meet Jake (Nick Kroll), an entrepreneur who thinks he has a great idea for a new product. His tech startup fails and leaves himself and many others in debt. Jake decides he needs to relax for a while and get his life back on track. Jake pays a visit to his sister, Justine (Rose Byrne). Jake needs a place to stay for a while so he can get his life in order. Justine has many problems of her own, especially with her husband Danny (Bobby Cannavale), and Jake is not sure if her house is the right one for him to stay at. Because she is his sister, she allows him to stay for a few months. The only responsibility that Jake has is to watch Justine’s son, Teddy everyday. Jake now realizes that for the first time in his life he has a serious responsibility. Is goofball, Jake really that suitable to be taking care of his nephew?

First off, Adult Beginners is a heartfelt, sweet and funny movie. The best thing about this movie is that you believe all of the actors. What we have here is a really funny movie about a family that really cares about each other. I thought the writing for this movie was great. I loved how the screenplay was very smart and intelligent. I think that when the movie started to bring up and face some real life issues, it made the movie better. The humor that we see in this movie is great, but when they get serious it works out well for them and they successfully pull it off. The best part about this is that they mix in humor with the real life problems and it makes the movie very enjoyable to watch.

The acting we see in Adult Beginners is something that truly shocked me to be honest. I think that seeing great performances from Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne is one of the main reasons why this movie worked out. I think they gave more than believable roles. At often times, I felt as if I was in the shoes of Jake, that’s how believable they were. I thought Bobby Cannavale was really good in it. He was always cracking me up in the movie. These actors were able to make us laugh a lot, but who knew that Nick Kroll could get real serious like that. I’m used to seeing him as “The Douche” from NBC’s Parks And Recreation. I never once thought that he would be able to act in a more dramatic way.

I think that what we have here in Adult Beginners is something more along the lines of a drama, but the humor is great. Nick Kroll is just a really funny guy and you knew right off the bat that he was going to be hilarious. Adult Beginners is just a very accurate dramatic comedy. What you see here is an incredibly well-written and solid movie that makes you believe that these people exist in real life. I think that if you aren’t a fan of Nick Kroll, you probably won’t like this movie as much as I did. I think he is a very funny comedian and he was hilarious in this movie and pulled off a great acting performance that I did not know he was capable of doing. If you are looking for a solid dramatic comedy, Adult Beginners is a perfect movie for you.

Overall, Adult Beginners is a very funny, heartfelt and all-around solid movie. This has great acting and is very well written. This is definitely one I would check out.

Grade= B (Good)


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