Mommy (2015)

Wow, what a crazy one this is! Following the expulsion of her son, Steven (Antoine-Olivier Pilon), Diane ‘Die’ Després (Anne Dorval) is forced to take her son out of school and home school him. The problems with this is, Steven is a lot to handle and Diane can’t possible do this all on her own. He is a young teenager who battles with ADHD and he is also going through a very difficult thing in a young boy’s life, hitting puberty and starting to become a man. Steven often freaks out at people for no apparent reason and he often has these mood swings and no one will ever know when he is going to have a good attitude because his mood swings are completely unpredictable. Whenever Steven has these mood changes he never treats his mother nicely. He lashes out at her and become violent. One day they meet Kyla (Suzanne Clément), a neighbor from across the street who starts to tutor Steven. Things get more and more crazy from here.

First off, Mommy is a very intense move filled with tons of violence and an insane amount of profanity. French Canadian director, Xavier Dolan definitely knew what he wanted to do with this movie. He made this insane film work. This is a film about compassion and love for a child and it is fantastic. Mommy is a film that is often unpleasant and disturbing to watch. Some of the scenes are so discomforting that you may have to look away from the screen. After saying all that, there is actually a lot of humor that we see in this movie. There is just a lot that is unexpected with this movie and I think it might be the best movie of 2015 I have seen thus far. Mommy is horrifying, energizing and insightful and I love every minute of it.

The cast of this was absolutely incredible. I thought that all three of the characters we see are absolutely terrific. I did not really know all that much about these actors before I watched this movie, but now I would like to see more because I was completely blown away by the performances that they give in this movie. Director, Xavier Dolan is without a doubt going to win the Oscar for this Foreign film. It really seemed like he knew what he wanted to accomplish and exceeded all expectations. The amount of praise that this movie has gotten really lived up to all the expectations I had. I thought this was one of the best Foreign films I have ever seen and the premise was great. This is a down-right thrilling movie!

Mommy is the kind of movie where you don’t know what your emotions should be because it throws many different one’s at you. This was just a movie that I thought was very compelling and incredibly brutal. Xavier Dolan gave us something to hold on to for a while. This is a great story of how a mother is trying to save her son and doesn’t want anything to happen to him, but sometimes love just isn’t strong enough to make that happen. I can’t find anything negative to say about this film. I think it is just an outstanding film that I can say is without a doubt oscar worthy. I am really looking forward to see what kind of hype this gets when it comes down to Oscar season.

Overall, Mommy is scary, brutal and down-right outstanding. This is an absolute insane film that so far has been my favorite of 2015. This definitely you will want to see.

Grade= A (Excellent! A Must See!)




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