Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)

Here’s a movie that was just recently released. Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan) has just found out that her uncle has passed away and has left in his will that she is to have and take care of his farm. This is very exciting news for her because this is something that she really wanted. While Bathsheba is living at the farm, she attracts the attention of three suitors who all wish to have her hand in marriage. The first suitor is Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts), is a sheep farmer who is trying to make ends meet. The second suitor is Frank Troy (Tom Sturridge), a Sergeant who is very obnoxious. the third suitor is the neighbor of Bathsheba, William Boldwood (Michael Sheen). William is a very wealthy and could give Bathseba the perfect life. Which one will Bathseba end up choosing, if any?

Far From The Madding Crowd is a remake from the original that came out in 1967. I have not seen this one before, so I went into this movie not really knowing anything about it, besides the premise. My expectations of this were not very high, but I left much more impressed than I thought I would. If you are a person who is into this kind of movie then you will really enjoy it. For someone like myself who is a fan of entertainment, I felt this was a solid movie that was very interesting. This film is directed by Thomas Vintengerg. I have not seen anything else that he has done, but I think that he has definitely found the type of movie that he will be great at directing because I really enjoyed this and thought that he did an outstanding job.

The acting we see in Far From The Madding Crowd is pretty excellent. Carey Mulligan gave an outstanding performance in this and I love that she was casted for this movie. I thought she was great in other films as well, like Public Enemies and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. I do however have a major problem with Tom Sturridge. I hated his character and he just annoyed me the whole time because almost every scene he was in he kept crying. Matthias Schoenaerts was the main suitor out of the three and he did a fine job. I would actually like to see more of him in future movies. My favorite was Michael Sheen. I love that he was in this because I am a huge fan of Masters Of Sex. He is the lead role in that and an incredible actor.

While Far From The Madding Crowd is a movie filled with loads of drama, betrayal and tragedy, we do see some humor in this and that mostly comes from Michael Sheen and Matthias Schoenaerts. This movie is just a real pleasure to watch because it tells a nice and goofy story. It is also very pretty to look at as well. The scenery we see in Far From The Madding Crowd is pretty spectacular and even if you have no desire to watch this movie, but like great scenery, this movie is for you. We see how the brimming hearts of three men battle over the one woman they want to marry. While they are all goofy in their own way, they were all characters that had something interesting about them and that’s what I really liked about this.

Overall, Far From The Madding Crowd is a solid movie with great acting, a nice story and excellent scenery. I think this is one you should watch at some point.

Grade= B (Good)


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