Just Before I Go (2015)

Here’s a new one that recently came out. We meet Ted Morgan (Sean William Scott), a guy who thought he had everything he needed in life, but decides there isn’t much to live for anymore. After his wife leaves him, Ted decides that it is not time to take his own life because he feels there is no reason to be in this world. Before he commits suicide, he wants to return to his old town where his family and people he went to high school with still live. He wants to confront them about all the terrible things they did to him to make his life a living hell. After visiting an old teacher who was mean to him, Ted meets Greta (Olivia Thirlby). Greta wants to document everything leading up to his suicide so she can record a suicide video for him. Now that Ted is back to his old life, he begins to be drawn into the chaos of his family and friends and now has a purpose for living.

First off, I know that from the synopsis I gave in the above paragraph this probably seems like one of the most depressing movies you will ever watch, but it is really a comedy/drama. While I did not find it as funny as it was meant to be, it still was the slightest bit enjoyable. I thought this movie was actually a lot better than expected when I first watched it, but the more I thought about it I see that it was pretty bad. I knew it wouldn’t be great because it was directed by Courteney Cox. The humor that is in this movie is not all that strong. What they did here was try to go for the raunchy humor which can sometimes work, but in this case it really didn’t. I did find myself laughing a few times, but I could probably count the amount that I laughed. To me, this was more of a drama then a comedy and I think that is for the better.

The acting we see in this movie is not all that great besides the performances from Sean William Scott and also Olivia Thrlby. They were two very interesting characters and they did a great job with their roles. As far as everyone else goes, I wish they weren’t even involved because none of the characters were interesting in the least bit and we see some pretty horrendous acting from all of them. For this movie, it seemed like Courteney Cox really wanted to try to make something special, but sadly she failed at this. While I didn’t completely despise this movie, it still is something that needed a lot of work. Having said that, Cox definitely showed that she can direct, but this is just one that is not a memorable movie. I would like to see her try more though.

To me, it really seemed like no one knew which direction this movie was going to take. To start, you could not figure out if it was meant to be more of a comedy or a drama. After trying hard to figure that out, it seemed like they had no idea what to do and panicked. Just Before I Go jumps from one crazy thing to the next and doesn’t leave us with anything that was really memorable or something that was exciting. After it was all said and done, I didn’t feel like it was all that great to be truly honest. I was also not a fan of the writing of this at all. This movie is one that is just too dull to be a good one. It told an interesting story, but took us through loads of chaos and never really knowing what to do.

Overall, Just Before I Go is a film that has bad acting with the exception of Scott and Thirlby and also is just incredibly dull and never knows which direction to take. I think this is a movie you can skip.

Grade= D (Bad)


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