Tomorrowland (2015)

Here’s one that just came out this weekend that I just got a chance to see. After a young science geek, Casey (Britt Robertson) finds a pin, she picks it up. Once she picks it up, she gets taken to a mysterious, new world that is in the future and she has no idea how this has happened. After being completely confused for a little while, Casey meets Athena (Raffey Cassidy), an eleven-year-old robot who tells Casey that it was her who was chosen to have the pin. Casey has to make sure the pin does not get taken from her and this will be a very difficult task because she starts having all sorts of different robots attacking her along her way. Now, Casey and Athena have to travel all around to find an inventor by the name of Frank (George Clooney). Frank will be able to help her and answer whatever questions she has. He can also help her stop the robots from coming after her.

First off, Tomorrowland is a movie that has had a lot of talk for quite a while. Brad Bird has wanted to make this movie for a very long time and now the time has come where he has his chance to shine. Sadly, Bird did not deliver as strongly as I would have liked with this one. After seeing Tomorrowland, I left the theatre in more of a disappointed mood than a good mood. I think that a big reason this movie didn’t work out as well as it should have is because of the fact that it is pretty confusing throughout. It takes a lot of time to put the puzzle pieces together as to what the hell is actually happening. I just felt like this is a movie that could have been a lot better than it was and it was more underwhelming than anything.

It’s hard to figure out the main reason why this movie did not really work out because of the fact that Brad Bird really tried with this and all the neat, effects are there. I can’t really say he is to fully blame for this. The acting is pretty solid as well and I can’t say they are to blame for this either. Britt Robertson really surprised me in this one because I have never really seen her in much and I thought she did a great job here. Having said all that, Tomorrowland is the type of movie where even when you know that it isn’t fully working out, you still feel a bit of excitement and cheer for it because of how awesome some of the scenes are. Tomorrowland is definitely aimed for all kinds of audiences, but kids will definitely enjoy this a lot more than teenagers or adults.

In order for Tomorrowland to tell a good, effective story, it needs a lot of sorting out. This movie takes you all over the place and you really need to try to figure out what is fully going on with every scene in the movie because they jump from one thing to another very quickly. For a movie that is so visually impressive, it makes you very angry to see that it was much more of a forgettable movie than one to talk to people and be really excited about. Some of the scenes are awesome and all, but I just can’t quite seem to think that those scenes power over the negatives we see with Tomorrowland. Also, at times, Tomorrowland can be a pretty boring and completely over-the-top film.

Overall, Tomorrowland is a movie that can be messy and all over the place. In order for this to be a good film, a lot of work needed to be done that wasn’t. This is one that you need to see for visual effects, but not for a meaningful story.

Grade= C (Okay)


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