Every Secret Thing (2015)

Everybody, keep a good eye on your baby! Here is a new one that was released last week I finally got a chance to see. After their eighteenth birthdays, Alice (Danielle Macdonald) and Ronnie (Dakota Fanning) are finally released from prison for a horrible crime they committed as children. Ronnie and Alice kidnapped a baby and killed her when they were just seven. They were not tried as adults because they were so young, so they were sentenced in a juvenile delinquent center. Now they are eighteen and finally can see what the real world is like outside of prison. Shortly after they are released from the detention center, an infant goes missing and fingers immediately are being pointed at Ronnie and Alice. This is when detective, Nancy Porter (Elizabeth Banks) steps in and begins to question them left and right. Detective Porter soon realizes that the main problem may not be with Ronnie and Alice, but with Alice’s mother, Helen (Diane Lane).

First and foremost, Every Secret Thing is a mystery that isn’t all that good, so let me just get that out-of-the-way immediately. I think the whole idea of this film is just stupid and completely ridiculous. This movie was one that I was really looking forward to seeing for a while and I am more than disappointed with he outcome. The whole entire movie just reminded me of a very long Law & Order episode. The whole time I was watching this movie, I just felt as if it was incredibly dull, stupid and boring. I just can’t get over the fact that with everyone who was involved with his film, it was as bad as it was. This is really shocking to me and I really can’t understand why.

The acting is what really shocks me with this film. When you have a list of great actors, why should the movie be as bad as it is? I love Diane Lane and I think she’s pretty impressive in a lot of movies that she is in. Lane is the main reason why this movie was not a total disaster. I really wish we would have seen more on-screen time with her because she was the best part about this. Her character was very suspenseful and I think that everyone else was just really dull. I think that Diane Lane could really do some more work life this. I was really interested in her character and she definitely pulled it off. Director, Amy Berg really missed the mark on this one and there was a lot of things she could have done in order to make this a better film.

Every Secret Thing is a film that jus doesn’t have all that much that is smart about it. I could not see anything in this film that made me think it was all that good. Even the *SPOILER ALERT* twist ending was pretty ridiculous and I thought that it was really stupid to have that. The whole entire movie was pretty much a complete failure besides Diane Lane. If it wasn’t for her strong performance, the movie would be a complete and total disaster. I really wish we saw her more in this film because whenever she was on-screen, I felt like the movie could possibly be going somewhere. Sadly, this did not go very far for me and I think this is definitely one you do not have to check out.

Overall, Every Secret Thing is definitely not a movie that has nothing smart about it and bad acting for the most part. It is a very dark movie, but nothing is all that interesting about it.

Grade= D (Bad)


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