Entourage (2015)

Well, there’s nothing like a season 9 of Entourage! They picked right back up where they left us. Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) is now divorced after nine days of being married. Vinny has become one of the biggest actors in Hollywood and now wants to try something a little different with his career. He has his eye on directing and his first movie he is doing has the title, Hyde. The movie is supposed to be finished very soon, but Vinny runs into some issues. He needs more money when he is already 15 million over budget. Longtime manager and friend of Vinny, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) who is now the head of the studio, steps in and needs to go to the financiers out in Texas to try to get more money for this film. Now we go to the rest of the crew. Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Sloan (Emmanuelle Chirqui) are soon expecting a baby, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is sitting around with all his money from the tequila investment trying to date Ronda Rousey. Now we get to Drama (Kevin Dillon), whose career is now struggling at an all-time-high after the cancellation of Johnny’s Bananas. Also, Lloyd (Rex Lee) is getting married.

Alright, it’s been nearly four years since this show has left us and with the film, they pick right back up where they left off. I do however, think that in order to be a fan of this movie, you need to have watched the series. I don’t feel like anything differently was done with the movie, but I am perfectly okay with that because I loved the show so much. Entourage was a show that I watched for many years while it was on and it was very comforting and exciting to see the whole gang back in action again. There has been a lot of hate going around with this movie and I think the main reason for that is because most critics have not seen the show. I, myself, could not find all that much wrong with this movie because I loved the show so much.

I’m not even all that sure I really have to touch on the acting a whole lot because if you have seen the show, then you know we see some great acting, especially from actors like Jeremy Piven. I feel like Ari Gold was the role that he was meant to play throughout his whole entire career. In the movie and show, we never saw a dull or boring moment with Piven. Every scene he is in, whether it is making fun of Lloyd or punching picture frames in therapy sessions, we still see the same Ari Gold throughout and you always want more. In this movie, we see the same exact stuff from Piven and it does not get old for one second. As far as the rest of the crew go, if you have seen the show, then there is not much I have to say other than they are awesome and the same kind of guys they always were.

I could easily tell that director, Doug Ellin made this film simply for the fans. I actually had the pleasure of seeing this movie with some real fans and it made the experience better because everyone knew how awesome it was. I will say that I was a little worried with all the advertising for this movie because it made me think it wouldn’t be good, but I was completely wrong. Why should I have thought that? I have been a huge fan of this show since it first came on. I am very happy that I was wrong because I think this was more than satisfying because I was not all that happy with the ending of the show and I think that this movie may have given people a different view on the real ending. The ending of this movie made a much better ending to this incredible series.

Overall, Entourage is not only an overwhelming movie to those of you who are fans of the series, but also is a movie that is just incredibly entertaining. A word of advice: Watch the series before seeing this movie. It will make it much better and you will really enjoy it more.

Grade= A (Excellent! A Must See!)




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