Spy (2015)

CIA analyst, Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is always behind the scenes helping out big time agent, Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Something bad happens to Bradley and now it is time for Susan to have her shot in the field and show the CIA what she is really made of. Susan is given a very tough task and that is to stop a big time Bulgarian crime lord by the name of Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne). Boyanov is notorious for selling nuclear weapons and the CIA is really trying to stop her. Cooper is not exactly the best agent and her cover is often blown because fo dumb mistakes that she makes and also because of another agent who wants to take matters into his own hands. His name is Rick Ford (Jason Statham) and he and Cooper don’t exactly see eye to eye. Cooper starts to realize that in order for hr to successfully complete the mission, she really needs to keep Ford away from everything. Cooper now has to really start getting her hands dirty in order to complete the mission.

Alright, it looks like Melissa McCarthy hasn’t lost it at all. I thought for a short while McCarthy was starting to lose her great humor a bit because ti seemed lie she was always taking on the same role. I think trying something different with St. Vincent really opened her up to try different roles. Spy is definitely one of the better comedies that I have seen on 2015 thus far. When I finished watching this movie, I thought to myself that this movie was a really good comedy that had me a laughing a lot. I do not think it was stupid by any means and I really enjoyed this one. I think that humor that they aimed for in this movie worked out perfectly and the audience could not stop laughing.

The acting we see in this movie is pretty much as good as you are going to get with a comedy film. As I said earlier, Melissa McCarthy finally found her place in films like this and she steals it. We even see an outrageously funny performance from Jason Statham. Who ever knew that guy could be funny? I like to just picture him as the former Transporter just kicking all kinds of different ass. I think this was a very smart comedy because ti really made you think about what was really going on and what was really happening with this movie. I even thought it touched on some character development with Melissa McCarthy’s role.

Spy is just the type of movie that is just a nice and fun comedy that most people can enjoy. I wouldn’t take children o see it, but there is definitely a huge audience that will really enjoy this film. A lot fo the humour in this movie had me cracking up. I was really worried about this one because I did not think it looked all that entertaining, but I was absolutely wrong. This movie was an absolute riot and I think that you should definitely go check this one out.

Overall, Spy is a very funny comedy that can be enjoyed by a lot fo people. If you are a fan of Melissa McCarthy, then this is one you have to check out.

Grade= B+ (Very Good!)


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