Dave Matthews Band Camden, NJ Susquehanna Bank Center

What a way to spend a Friday night! I was lucky enough to spend two sets with the Dave Matthews Band in Camden, New Jersey. Dave Matthews played one acoustic set himself and then brought out the rest of the band and played electric. This is something that he has been doing for the past few years and I think it is working well for him and he should resume it when he comes around next time. This concert was just over three hours long and I did not feel like it. Seeing Dave Matthews is something that is very fun and enjoyable. He really had the crowd involved and it mad the concert so much better. The great sound he gives off is what really made me enjoy the show as much as I did. His stage presence is something that I was really surprised by. Depending on the performer, sometimes people just clap when they come out on stage, but this crowd went nuts when he walked out.

Dave Matthews is a performer who likes to mix up his setlist. He never likes to play the same songs over and over again each night. This is something cool that I think more bands should do when making their setlist. With all the songs he has, I think he likes to make sure he plays all of them throughout the entire tour. This is why a lot of people like to go see him when he plays two nights in a row because you never see the same songs. I was mostly excited to see some big songs like, “Bartender” and “Belly Belly Nice.” He played some of his newer stuff, but he did not forget about some of his old hits. Even his backing band are very talented instrumentally. His violin player, Boyd Tinsley, is someone who really surpassed me. He was my favorite one to listen to up there.

The whole entire show was just a very memorable night and one of the better concerts I have seen. If I could go back for night number two, I definitely would. This was a show that I think anyone who is a fan of music could really enjoy. One person said they did not know one song he played and it turned out to be the best show they have ever seen. There was just never a boring moment throughout this show and the band just sounded great. It was a really long show and you wanted it to keep going. Dave Matthews is someone who loves touring, so if you have the chase to see him if he is close to your area, I highly recommend checking out one of his shows. It will not be a disappointment.

Overall, The Dave Matthews Band provided a great evening of awesome music, entertainment and an all-around fun night for everyone. I will definitely be going back to see him again!

Concert Rating: 9/10


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